Your Brakes Might Be Telling You Something

Driving with faulty brakes is dangerous, and it can lead to a fatal accident. Therefore, it is important to check your brakes all the time to make sure that they are working properly. When you bring in your car for maintenance or for auto repair in Longmont, make sure that your brakes aren’t forgotten. They should be checked if they have gone through wear and tear and might need replacing. They should also be checked to see if they need tightening.

Your brakes should be checked at least once a year. They should be checked more frequently if you drive a lot. All components of your brake system should be verified to be in the best condition to ensure a safe drive.

Your brake fluid should also be checked. The brake fluid requires regular changing as well, similar to an oil change. Doing so helps in preventing any damage to your car. If this isn’t done regularly, there can be a blockage in the brake system, which can cause more problems that are more expensive to fix.

To avoid any untoward incidents with your brakes, you should listen to any warning signs. Your brakes might be telling you something you shouldn’t neglect. Here are some warning signs from your brakes. If you experience any of these, it is best to bring your vehicle to a car repair shop.

1. Screeching, grinding, and other noises when you step on the brakes

2. The car pulls on one side when driving

3. The brake pedal almost hits the floor before it engages

4. The brake pedal requires extreme force to engage

5. The brake engages with the slightest touch

6. The brake pulses or vibrates even when just normally driving

7. The brake light is turned on on the dashboard

The brakes experience normal wear and tear with regular use. To ensure that they are in top condition, you should always have them checked. If they are already worn out, you should get them replaced immediately to avoid accidents that can be caused by it. Moreover, don’t let the brake pads be thin enough that they hit metal to metal. If this happens then it can be more costly to replace the rotor or the drum. In some cases, when the brake pads are still thick then the brakes might just need tightening.

The brakes can be easily checked by your trusted mechanic. They can be checked during regular maintenance check-ups so you don’t need to take additional time off for this. When you bring in your car for maintenance, make sure to have the brakes checked too.

Therefore, always listen to your brakes because they might be hinting at something.

Wheel Alignment: Why You Should Get It and When to Get It

Wheel alignment is one of the crucial maintenance steps that should be done to your car. Doing this regularly can help ensure that your car is performing at its best. Moreover, it can help guarantee better fuel economy and improved handling. There are lots of reasons why a car would need a wheel alignment. For instance, if you’re driving in Longmont and hit a pothole, chances are your wheels will need an alignment after that. There is nothing to worry though because this is easy to do. Just bring in the car to a maintenance service facility and they’ll do the trick for you.

Benefits of Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment has an important role in ensuring that your car performs at its best. Here are the benefits of getting wheel alignment:


  1. Extends tire life

    Properly aligned tires have a longer lifespan. Since the suspension system is in the right orientation, the tires are also in the right orientation. If not, this can lead to uneven wear and tear of the tires, which can lead to a shorter lifespan. With a longer tire lifespan, you can save on getting new tires in short periods of time because your old tires can serve you longer.
  2. Promotes safety

    If your tires aren’t aligned, it can result in difficulty in steering and handling. If this happens and you’re driving fast on the road, it can lead to an accident. You might find it difficult to steer your wheels if they aren’t aligned, which can either cause you to panic or simply be unable to steer them. Hence, an accident is imminent if this is the case
  3. Adds comfort

    Aligned wheels are easier to drive. If you are a long-distance driver, you would appreciate the comfort of having aligned wheels. You won’t have to spend extra effort to turn and maneuver your car. Even if you’re a city driver, you would definitely appreciate the comfort that aligned wheels provide.


When to Get Wheel Alignment?

There are signs that tell it’s time to go to a maintenance service facility and get your wheels aligned. Some of the tell-tale signs include:


  1. An uneven orientation of your car
  2. The car gets easily pulled on one side
  3. Your ride gets too bumpy even on smooth roads
  4. You have a hard time steering your car and maneuvering it
  5. Your tires show uneven wear and tear

If you’re experiencing any of these signs, you should immediately seek help to align your wheels. Neglecting it can lead to more serious and more expensive problems. It doesn’t take a lot to do this so it is best to get it done immediately.

Top Reasons Regular Car Maintenance Is Important

Unlike in the past, cars nowadays aren’t just there as a piece of luxurious gear. Since people travel a lot today, cars have become an integral part of people’s day to day activities. They allow us to move faster and go farther. Therefore, it is important to care for them as well. Some people skip regular car maintenance without realizing how important it is. To help you understand why you should bring in your ride to a reputable car service shop in Longmont regularly, here are the top reasons regular car maintenance can help you.

1. Provides enhanced safety

Regular car maintenance allows you to see if there are underlying issues in your vehicle. Doing it can easily pinpoint any problems especially regarding critical components in your car. This can help you avoid getting into accidents due to car trouble. Even before an important car component fails, you can already get it repaired or replaced to avoid getting into accidents. Some of the common car problems that can lead to accidents include a faulty brake system, worn out drive belts, and worn out tires. With regular maintenance, your mind is always at ease even when taking your car for long distance travels.

2. Helps avoid expensive repair or replacement costs

If there is anything faulty in the car, it can create a domino effect of problems. Therefore, with regular car maintenance, you can already identify the key problem and get it fixed before it affects the car’s ecosystem. For instance, worn out tires can blow up and can force you to drive on a flat. This can damage the rims of the tires, which are a lot more expensive to replace. Therefore, with regular car maintenance, you can see minor problems and get them fixed before they cascade into bigger problems that are costly to solve.

3. Better resale value

A well-maintained car has a better resale value. If you plan on selling your car someday to get a new one or just because you should invest in it with regular car maintenance. Second-hand car buyers can be meticulous, and if you want to jack up the price of your car, make sure that it is taken care of regularly by trusted mechanics.

4. Improves car’s performance

There are components of a car that are susceptible to faster wear and tear. If not addressed quickly, they can affect the overall performance of the car. They can make it inefficient and more costly to use. When you bring in your car for a regular check-up, these components are checked to see if they are performing optimally. Hence, if they are, you can be sure that you’re getting the most from your car without overspending for it.

Important Maintenance Tips for Your Car

If you love your car, you will bring it in regularly for maintenance checks. This ensures that your vehicle is healthy and that you’re driving a car that is in top condition. If you aren’t familiar with what things to check in your car to make sure that it is performing at its best then you should go to a dependable car service facility and let them do the checkup. For starters, here are some of the important aspects they check.

1. Tires

There are different things a car service facility checks with your tires. They check the tire pressure to ensure that you’re driving it in the best fuel economy that it can offer. This also helps ensure that you are given utmost comfort and handling when driving.

They also check the tread depth for safety. Tires that have shallow tread depth tend to be slippery when driven on the highway, especially if it’s raining. Therefore, old and worn out tires should be immediately replaced.

They also check the alignment of the tires to avoid having a bumpy ride. When needed, they will rotate and re-align the tires to make sure you get a smooth drive every time.

2. Engine

When you bring in your car for maintenance, it is crucial for the facility to check your engine. They make sure that your drive belts are still in the best condition and are tight enough to ensure an efficient drive.

They also check the oil levels in your car. If necessary and if you’ve driven a lot in Longmont, they will do an oil change. This guarantees the best engine performance. Regular oil change is needed to make sure that the engine is always in top condition.

Like the oil levels, they will also check the engine coolant level. This helps prevent overheating of your car. They also see to it that all filters are still in good condition. They will recommend replacements if there are any worn out engine filters.

3. Lights

To ensure safety during night driving, the lights on your car should always be functioning at 100%. During maintenance, they can already spot busted lights, which most owners overlook. Of course, no one wants to drive at night with broken lights and not see the road.

4. Battery

Your car needs battery power to start. Oftentimes, the battery is neglected until you can’t start your car. To avoid this from happening, bring your car for a maintenance checkup and have your battery replaced before it gives out. It is tedious to have to jumpstart your car because your battery died. It is worse if your car stops in the middle of nowhere with no one to jumpstart it.

The Importance of Doing Regular Oil Changes for Your Car

One of the best measures to prolong the lifespan of your car and its engine is to perform regular oil changes. Keep in mind that the oil in your car is like the lifeblood of the vehicle. If it isn’t changed regularly, there can be debris in the oil that can block several parts of the engine and cause it to fail. The great thing is, a regular oil change is easy to do, especially with the assistance of a trusted car service facility in Longmont, Co.

The oil change can be done as part of regular maintenance. Therefore, you don’t need to take extra time off to do this because it can be done alongside other maintenance checks. Experienced mechanics will recommend getting your oil changed when you have driven about 3,000 miles or when three months have passed, whichever comes first. Still, with the use of high-performance oil, this can be prolonged and timing can be extended.

To further appreciate why you should do regular oil changes, here are the benefits of doing so.

1. It provides better engine performance

Clean oil guarantees that your engine is in top shape. When you change the oil regularly, it guarantees that there is no debris in the oil that goes around the engine. The debris can cause blockage in the engine, which can lead to it performing poorly. Worse, the engine can fail when oil is not changed immediately.

When your car’s engine is in top shape, it allows you to drive optimally with the best fuel economy. Hence, you don’t waste any fuel and get your money’s worth every time you top up.

2. Avoid debris build-up

Pristine oil is debris-free, which means there is no debris build-up inside the engine. Imagine the engine is like the heart: if there is debris or plaque in the arteries, it can be fatal. This is the same with the car; if the engine is blocked, the car will fail. It will be costly to repair it if there is even still a chance to revive it. It will be more expensive to buy a new one when this could have been avoided with a regular oil change.

3. Better fuel economy

As mentioned before, if the oil is clean, the engine performs at its best. Hence, you get the best fuel economy. You get a lot of drive with every gallon of fuel.

4. Reduced emissions

With clean oil, your car doesn’t produce any harmful emissions. In a way, you don’t contribute in polluting the air around simply by changing your oil regularly.

5. Prolongs the life of your car

It is expensive to buy a new car so as much as possible you want to extend the life of your existing vehicle. With just a simple regular oil change, you can do this and add more years to your car’s life.

Signs a Car is Badly in Need of an Oil Change

In a perfect world, everyone takes care of their vehicles in a timely manner. However, there are times that individuals fall behind on their car maintenance. When a vehicle is overdue for an oil change in Longmont, there are several signs a person should look for including:

Warning Light Comes On

Almost every feature on a vehicle has a warning light to let the driver know that something has gone wrong, and the amount of lubrication in the engine is no different. If the warning light for this comes on, it’s crucial to stop the vehicle as soon as possible and check the level. If necessary, add as a low level can be extremely dangerous for the moving parts of the engine. Running the car with a low lubrication level can put an individual at risk of seizing up the entire engine block, so it’s important to take these warning lights seriously.

Lubricant Looks Dirty and Brown

When checking the lubrication levels, if one finds that the liquid looks dirty, brown, and is difficult to see through, it is definitely time for swapping out the old for new. This can be done in a home garage if an individual knows how, and if not, one can make an appointment to have the vehicle serviced at a quick lube station. The visual appearance of the liquid is an easy way to tell that it’s time to make an overdue service appointment.

Engine Makes More Noise Than Usual

When one gets to the point that the levels of lubrication are actually lower than they should be in the engine, the parts may begin to rattle or make extra noise as the vehicle runs. If an individual hears the engine making more noise than it usually does when they drive it, it’s likely a sign that the vehicle is badly in need of servicing. These appointments are extremely important and neglecting them can cause the vehicle to completely stop running, so it’s crucial to not miss them or put them off. Doing so for too long can actually be quite dangerous.

Exhaust is Smoking

When a vehicle’s exhaust begins smoking, it can be quite alarming. However, it’s often simply a sign that the oil in the vehicle desperately needs to be changed and that one needs to make an appointment as soon as possible. Instead of panicking, a driver should call the service station that they usually use and make an appointment to have their vehicle fully serviced.

It’s fairly easy to get an oil change in Longmont, even if the vehicle is overdue. All a person needs to do is to call a service provider and schedule an appointment, although they may want to let the mechanics know that it’s been a while since the car was last serviced.

Discuss These Details Before Leaving a Car for Repairs

Leaving a vehicle for car service in Longmont doesn’t have to be overwhelming. While it’s frustrating that it needs worked on, the process itself is relatively simple. However, it is important to discuss numerous details with the professionals at the shop before you leave it there for work, including the following:

Required Repairs

Before leaving a vehicle for repairs, it’s important to take the time to fully discuss the repairs that one is requesting. The scope of the repairs is very important, as it will help show the mechanic where they need to be looking for issues with the vehicle, as well as what repairs an individual is willing to sign off on. This clear document helps keep everyone on the same page so that no one is accidentally confused by verbal requests or descriptions of strange noises that the vehicle is making. Often, a customer will provide a mechanic or writer with a description of what is going on with the vehicle, and then they will summarize it on a ticket. Read over the required repairs before leaving the car, truck, or SUV to be sure the summary is accurate.

Estimated Cost

There should also be an estimated cost for leaving a vehicle for repairs. While the mechanic may not know the full amount that it will cost for all repairs, they should be able to give the owner a decent estimate for the price. This information is extremely important for the owner and may help them determine which automotive shop to work with.

Authorized Amount

The vehicle owner can also add a full authorized amount to the paperwork before leaving it for repairs. This allows them to make sure that the individuals who are working on it don’t go over a specific amount, even if the repairs become more in-depth than their original scope. With a pre-authorized amount, the mechanics will know exactly how much they are allowed to work and how much money they can bill to a client’s account as they make repairs.

How Updates will Proceed

Another important thing to discuss before leaving it for repairs is how updates about the process itself will be handled. Will the mechanic update the client each step of the way, or only when there is a major milestone? How will the client be contacted — by phone, email, or by text? Discussing these updates will help clarify these details before anyone is left in the lurch, so it is an important conversation to have.

Car service in Longmont doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg or be overwhelming. Instead, work through this process to take care of the repairs carefully.

When Do Tires Lose Their Alignment?

Tires can’t just be installed on a car, truck, or SUV and then hold their position forever. Instead, it’s necessary to regularly schedule an alignment in Longmont to make sure that the tires are in good shape and in the correct position on the vehicle. Tires lose their spot on the vehicle in the following situations:

Tire Impacts

While it’s not possible to avoid every single bump, thump, curb, and pothole while going through one’s day, these impacts can affect the way the tires fit on the car. This becomes especially true over time, as while small impacts may not make much of a difference, they can have a cumulative effect. Larger impacts can also have a dramatic effect on the way that the car’s tires fit, changing it all at once and making a big difference at one time.

New Tires

New tires can also be lined up incorrectly on a vehicle. When this is the case, they’ll need to be serviced so that they are set up correctly and wear correctly, otherwise the wear pattern will be strange and the tires themselves won’t last as long. This can lead to increased vehicle maintenance costs over time, while scheduling regular appointments could keep these costs much lower.

Wear and Tear

Over time, regular wear and tear can cause dramatic damage to a set of tires. Simple mileage put in, time on the road, and exposure to road hazards can create major issues. These seemingly simple issues are easy to ignore, but they can cause the wear pattern in a set of tires to vary dramatically from what it should be, until they need to be adjusted on the vehicle. If one doesn’t do this, serious issues can develop. A skilled mechanic can take the time to adjust them for the driver so that they wear more evenly.

Periodic Maintenance is Necessary

Tires aren’t just a set it and forget it vehicle part. They require ongoing maintenance, they need to be adjusted regularly for wear and tear, and they need to be checked periodically to make sure that they are safe to use. This type of maintenance helps ensure that the car is safe to drive and that one isn’t risking an accident or blowout caused by a damaged tire. This periodic maintenance is a crucial part of automotive safety and allows the driver to take the best possible care of their family while behind the wheel.

Those who own a vehicle should take the time to regularly schedule an alignment in Longmont. This essential service helps ensure that it is safe to drive at all times, and that everyone in the family is protected during each road trip.

Avoid Costly Auto Repair in Longmont with Preventative Maintenance

No one wants to have to pay for a costly auto repair in Longmont, although it does become necessary from time to time. It may be possible to limit the amount one needs to spend on fixing a car over the course of its lifetime by working to develop a preventative maintenance schedule. Take care of a vehicle by being sure to check on the following regularly:

Examine the Tires

Before driving the car, take the time to visually examine the tires. Inspect the tread for deep wear and tear, and also look for holes, nails, screws, or any damage that could have been done to the tires while the car was parked. It’s always possible for something to happen to a vehicle while it’s sitting parked, especially if a person regularly parks in a lot, garage, or other unsupervised location.

Schedule an Oil Change

An oil change is another important part of vehicle maintenance that should never be neglected. It’s vitally important that there always be the correct amount of the correct type of oil in a vehicle so that all of the engine parts can move appropriately. Otherwise, there’s a serious risk of parts binding up or the engine seizing completely. When a driver doesn’t know how to change their own oil, it’s important to schedule an appointment to have this task done.

Change Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers may seem like a small insignificant purchase, but they can make the difference between a safe drive and an unsafe one in rainy weather. When wipers start to fray or become worn, it’s important to take the time to change the wiper blades out with a new set so that the vehicle’s windshield stays clean and clear no matter the weather.

Clean Battery Contacts

A vehicle needs clean battery contacts in order to start cleanly and smoothly. Otherwise, there’s a risk that it will stall not start properly. Keeping the terminals clean and clear is an important part of maintaining a vehicle correctly so that it will start smoothly every time it is needed. If one doesn’t know how to do this and is curious about the state of their battery, any service shop can help you with this simple task.

Those who want to avoid paying for a more expensive auto repair in Longmont need to make sure that they take the time to take care of ongoing maintenance needs instead. Taking the time to handle these tasks can help prevent major problems with a vehicle from developing as time goes by and ensure that everyone riding in the vehicle is as safe as possible. Otherwise, there is always the risk of a serious crash happening as a result of equipment failure.

Ways That Regular Oil Changes Keep Vehicles Healthy

Individuals who own a vehicle should be sure to take the time to schedule it for an oil change in Longmont, CO on a regular basis. This essential service has many benefits and will help keep it healthy for the long run, so that the driver can enjoy it for many years to come. Ongoing vehicle maintenance has the following benefits:


Lubricates Engine Parts

Having a vehicle regularly serviced and lubed keeps engine parts moving smoothly over one another so that they don’t snag on one another or jam. Without this critical component, pieces of the engine can lock up and the entire thing can seize, leading to the car not working at all. This makes it crucially important that car owners take the time to regularly schedule service for their car and ensure that the vehicle is thoroughly lubricated at all times.


Cools Engine Parts

Taking the time to perform regular service on the engine also helps keep parts at the appropriate temperature so that nothing overheats, and cools parts that are too warm. The correct products can help ensure that the car or truck engine parts are maintained at the right temperature so that an individual doesn’t ever have to worry about the engine fully overheating. Otherwise, they run the risk of things overheating and locking up, causing serious issues.


Removes Particles and Sludge

Lubricant also washes away sludge and any tiny particles that have scraped loose as engine parts rub together as it circulates through the engine. This lets it serve as a cleaning fluid, removing dirt and debris as it moves around the inner workings of the car. It’s essential to keep these tiny pieces from the vehicle, and the lubricant ensures that it happens regularly and that nothing gets backed up or jammed up with dirt. Lubricant helps keep parts clean, smooth, and shiny so that everything runs just the way it is supposed to.


Promotes Overall Longevity

Lubing engine parts also works to promote overall health and longevity of all of the engine parts so that they stand up longer and the vehicle lasts longer. Keeping a car, truck, or SUV carefully maintained means that it will likely be able to run for more miles, so if one is attached to a vehicle, it only makes sense to take good care of it.

Those who are interested in taking excellent care of their ride should schedule it for regular maintenance appointments and a regular oil change in Longmont, CO. These appointments will help keep it running well for years to come, so that one can enjoy driving their favorite model around town for as long as they’d like.