2017 Best Longmont Auto Repair Shop and Auto Service

Stonum Automotive was voted the Best Longmont Auto Repair Shop and Best Auto Service in Longmont, CO by the readers of the Longmont Times-Call newspaper. We appreciate all the support from the community and our satisfied auto repair customers from Longmont and the surrounding communities.  Thank you! Here is the excerpt from the Reader’s Choice Awards publication.

Best Longmont Auto Repair - Longmont Times-Call2017 BEST AUTO REPAIR SHOP/SERVICE

Stonum Automotive

John Stonum started in 2004 in Longmont with the simple philosophy of honest car care and repair. “We don’t try to sell you on anything,” he said.

“We tell you what needs to be repaired and we let you decide what you need.”

Stonum Automotive is a full-service preventative maintenance and auto repair center, providing comprehensive car care services for domestic and import vehicles to keep them running at full power. They offer expert service and years of experience to provide the insights you need to keep an eye out for trouble.

They offer the basics: distributor-less ignition, fuel injections, ignition systems and wires and cables, spark plugs and oil, lube and filter change — as well as heavy-duty services including engine maintenance, engine replacement, timing belt, cylinder block, cylinder head. Every one of the 12 people in the building is required to be ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified.

“You’re only as good as your people and tools and we have the best of both,” Stonum said.


Originally printed in the 2017 Times-Call Readers’ Choice Awards: St. Vrain Valley’s Best Food, Drink, Nightlife, Business, Faces & Places


2015 Best Auto Repair Shop / Service in Longmont, CO

For the fifth year in a row, Stonum Automotive was  voted the “Best Auto Repair Shop/Service” in Longmont, CO by the readers of the Times-Call newspaper. We appreciate all the support from the community and our satisfied auto repair customers from Longmont and the surrounding communities.  Thank you! Here is the excerpt from the Reader’s Choice Awards publication.

2015 Best Auto Repair in Longmont by Times-Call readers2015 BEST AUTO REPAIR SHOP/SERVICE

Stonum Automotive


Stonum Automotive’s auto mechanic specialists have years of experience working on domestic and import vehicles of all makes and models. Owner John Stonum says, “We have won this award five times since 2010. We enjoy what we do, and we try to go the extra mile for our customers and their vehicles.” Besides keeping a customer fovus, Stonum believes in hiring good people. “Knowledge and expertise are a must, but overall, I only hire someone if I believe them to be a good person. You can’t train that, so I look first to see if they are good human beings and then I look at their qualifications.” Stonum’s new larger facility is now open: it is located at 1812 Sunset Place, across Sunset Street from Olde Columbine High School and the Career Development Center.

Originally printed in the 2015 Times-Call Readers’ Choice Awards : St. Vrain Valley’s Best Food, Drink, Nightlife, Business, Faces & Places


Stonum Autmotive’s new location is now open!

John Stonum of Stonum Automotive (Lewis Geyer / Longmont Times-Call)

We are proud to announce that our new location is now open.

Come and visit us for all of your automotive needs at 1812 Sunset Place in Longmont, CO

Our new facility has more than doubled our previous building and location.

Vince Winkel, Times-Call staff writer, wrote a great article about our new location for the Times-Call. You can read the full article online at TimesCall.com, but here is a little of what he wrote.


“I think we can do more business with the extra space, better location, more parking. My old shop is tucked into an industrial area, so now being right off the Diagonal, I hope that will help.”

“We do all makes and models — foreign and domestic, diesel,” Stonum pointed out as he looked over his new shop. “What I wanted to be was a one-stop shop. You can bring your Volvo here, you can bring your Chevy here, your BMW, your diesel work truck, anything.”

Tom Franklin, of Hofmann USA, calibrates an alignment station at Stonum Automotive’s new location.

Tom Franklin, of Hofmann USA, calibrates an alignment station at Stonum Automotive’s new location. (Lewis Geyer / Longmont Times-Call)

The “new” Stonum Automotive includes a spacious lobby and waiting area complete with free wifi, coffee, TV and a children’s play area. And then there’s the service.

Once again in 2014, Stonum Automotive was voted the “Best Auto Repair Shop/Service” in Longmont by the readers of the Times-Call newspaper. Awards are nothing new to Stonum, but he says all that really matters to him and his crew is the service.

“It has to first start with honesty. I ingrain that in my crew, I have really good employees who believe what I believe. Start with honesty, treat people the way you would want to be treated,” Stonum said.


Read the full article online at TimesCall.com


What to Do After an Automobile Accident

Being in an auto accident is never fun and the initial aftermath can often be confusing and chaotic. Immediately after the accident, take a deep breath and assess whether or not one has been injured. Do a visual inspection of the body for any obvious cuts or injuries and call 911. Even if one does not appear injured this does not mean that an ambulance should not be called. Often, internal injuries do not appear until several hours after the accident has occurred. If possible, pull the vehicle over to the side of the road and calmly exit the vehicle to make sure that no one else has been injured. Here’s a handy guide of what to do after an accident.

Always Be Prepared

Because it is impossible to predict when an accident will occur, it is important to always be prepared. This means that the driver or owner of the vehicle should always have their insurance information, vehicle registration and any other pertinent documents inside the automobile. Often, failure to have an insurance card at the scene of an accident can lead to a person receiving a ticket from a police officer.

Get to Safety

Regardless of whether it is a simple bumper to bumper accident in rush hour traffic or something more serious, it is imperative that both the vehicle and the driver plus any occupants get to safety as soon as possible. If the vehicle is drivable pull over to the side of the road before getting out of car to assess the damage or to speak to another driver involved in the accident. If injured, immediately call 911.

Know What to Say

After the accident, always remain calm and speak cordially with the other driver. Blaming another party for what occurred is not going to solve the matter and instead will only lead to a messier situation Exchange insurance information and contact information with the other party and submit the claim for the insurance companies to process. Always take photos and call the police if necessary for further documentation. When it comes to taking care of a car, it is important to take it to an automotive repair facility that takes pride in their work. Luckily, Stonum Automotive prides itself on delivering excellent work no matter whether a person needs an oil change or a vehicle diagnostic in Longmont.

vehicle diagnostic longmont

oil change longmont

How to Find a Reputable and Competent Auto Repair Facility

How to Find a Reputable and Competent Auto Repair Facility

According to Consumer Reports, auto repair shops rank 12th on the Better Business Bureau’s list of the most common complaints. Because a new car is an expensive purchase with the vast majority of Americans spending in excess of $30,000 on the vehicle, it is important to have the vehicle serviced at a reliable and competent repair facility. While many people opt to take their vehicles to a dealership to be repaired, this may not be the best option. Not only is it typically more expensive to have a car repaired at the service department of a dealership, but also the technicians may not have the experience or knowledge necessary to fix every type of problem.

Ask Friends and Family

One of the best sources for information is talking to friends and family. Chances are good that if a trusted friend or relative is taking their vehicle to an independent repair facility then the shop must do excellent work. At Stonum Auto, we pride ourselves in delivering the best possible service every time a person visits our shop. Regardless of weather a person in Longmont needs air conditioning service or an oil change, we are always available to help. We specialize in repairing problems associated with both foreign and domestic vehicles and offer services that range from engine and transmission services to towing.

Watch the Work

To get an idea of how the facility operates, consider dropping by during a busy hour and watching from the waiting room. Because we understand that one’s vehicle is one of their most expensive commodities, we are happy to accommodate any questions that you may have. The best facilities will have qualified repair technicians that take pride in their work. Watch how carefully an employee handles parts and whether or not they are concerned with not brushing up against the paint of the vehicle.

Ask Questions

Never be afraid to ask questions when choosing a repair facility. At Stonum Auto, we offer a guarantee to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied with our service. Browse websites like Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau to read reviews from prior clients. Treat the initial consultation like an interview and ask the employee what type of quality parts they use and whether or not they are original factory items or aftermarket products. The more informed the customer, the better decision that they will make regarding their vehicle.

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Winter Car Care Tips

With winter fast approaching, it is never too early to begin preparing one’s vehicle for inclement weather. Given that Colorado is prone to plenty of snowfall and lots of ice, it is crucial to make sure that one’s car is prepared for the weather. Not only is proper preparation important for the overall health and maintenance of the vehicle, but also for the driver and passenger’s safety. At Stonum Automotive in Longmont, we have been striving to provide the best possible service to local residents since 2004. Whether it be an oil change in Longmont or a transmission overhaul, our trained and professional staff have a solution for any problem.

Go For an Inspection

Even if the vehicle is not due for service, be sure to bring it to Stonum Automotive to let our trained employees ensure that it is running at peak efficiency. Given that the harsh elements like salt from the snowplow, freezing rain and heavy snow can intensify existing problems it is best to fix any issue before the bad weather hits. To determine what is wrong with the vehicle, our staff may do a vehicle diagnostic in Longmont to make sure we get it right the first time.

Check the Fluid Levels

While it may not seem like a big deal during the winter, not having enough windshield washer fluid is one of the leading causes of accidents in the winter. Not only should one make sure they have enough washer fluid, but also check the windshield wipers to make sure that they are not squeaking or leaving streaks on the glass.

Does the Heater Work

Nothing is worse than being stranded without working heat. Even if the heat appears to be working properly, why take the chance that something will go wrong?

Have an Emergency Bag in the Car

Whether it is because a road is impassable or the vehicle is not drivable, it may be necessary to spend a long period of time in one’s vehicle during the winter. As a result, keep the vehicle stocked with a duffel bag that contains warm clothing, a blanket, protein bars and snacks, water, flashlight, a radio and a hand held charger for a cell phone. While this may seem to be a drastic step, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

vehicle diagnostic Longmont

oil change Longmont

Auto Maintenance Notes – Common Repairs

Here are some common car maintenance issues and suggested solutions. Stonum Automotive can assist you with any of these issues and help with a deeper diagnostics


Automatic Transmission Fluid
Check level with engine running and transmission in park. If low, add type of ATF specified in owners’ manual and/or on dipstick. For best results change every two years or 24,000 miles


Battery and Cables
Battery should be securely mounted. Battery connections should be clean, tight and corrosion-free. If your car’s battery is three years old or more, it should be replaced


Check for looseness, cracks or glazing. Replace V-belts every four years/36,000 miles. Replace serpentine belts every four years/50,000 miles, or sooner if needed. Replace belt per interval specified in owner’s manual. Typically, this is at 60,000 miles. Not replacing the belt as required could cause a breakdown or serious engine damage


Brakes and Brake Fluid
For best results, have the entire brake system – including brake linings – inspected at every other oil change.


Cabin Air Filter
Replace annually, more often in areas with heavy airborne contaminants


Chassis Lubrication
Many newer cars are lubed-for-life, some still require this service. Replacement steering and suspension components require periodic lubrication.


Check Engine Light On
If light comes on while driving or remains on, your engine may have an emissions or sensor problem and should be checked by a professional technician. If light flashes, the condition is more severe and must be checked immediately to prevent catalytic converter damage.


Coolant (Antifreeze)
Check level at reservoir. Do not open hot radiator cap. If low, add 50/50 mix of approved antifreeze and distilled water.


Engine Air Filter
Replace yearly, or when dirty. Inspect annually, more often if driving and road conditions dictate.


Engine Oil and Filter
Check level with engine off at every fill up. Change oil and filter every 3,000 miles or 3 months. Use specified oil grade and weight.


Inspect for leaks, damage and broken supports or hangers if there is an unusual noise. If you suspect a problem, have it inspected immediately by a professional technician.


Fuel Filter
On carbureted cars, replace the filter once a year. On cars with fuel injection, replace the filter every two years or 24,000 miles.


Inspect for leaks, cracks or bulges, sponginess, brittleness and swelling. Replace hoses at lease every four years.


Replace bulb immediately if light is out.


Power Steering Fluid
Check the fluid with the car warmed up. Add approved type if low. If regular topping off is required, have system inspected for leaks.


Shock Absorbers and Struts
Inspect for leaks, damage and loose mounting hardware. Replace if worn, damaged or leaking. Have checked by a professional at lease once a year.


Tire Inflation and Condition
Inflate tires to recommended pressure. Replace tires if worn or damaged. Remember to check the spare. Check pressure of all tires including the spare. Check tread for wear and for cuts or bruised along the sidewalls.


Windshield Washer Fluid
Check level every other fill up. Some vehicles have two reservoirs. Do not use water. Use waster fluid only.


Wiper Blades
Replace when streaking or chattering.


2014 Best Auto Repair Shop Service in Longmont

Best auto repair in Longmont - Stonum AuotmotiveStonum Automotive was proud to be  voted the “Best Auto Repair Shop/Service” in Longmont, CO by the readers of the Times-Call newspaper. We will continue to exceed your expectations and provide outstanding customer and auto repair service for our community


Stonum Automotive

“We do business the old fashioned way,” according to John Stonum, owner of Stonum Automotive. Family owned and operated since 2004, Stonum treats customers like family with tailored service to meet any automotive need.

They offer full-service preventive maintenance and auto repairs with a multitude of automotive services specialties ranging from general maintenance to heavy-duty repairs. Stonum Auotmotive can get your car out of a bind and back out on the road.

“We treat people like you’d want to be treated,” Stonum says. “We have a great staff, and use the best parts we can find.”

Originally prints in the 2014 Times-Call Readers’ Choice Awards : St. Vrain Valley’s Best Food, Drink, Nightlife, Business, Faces & Places


Voted Best Auto Repair Shop in Longmont in 2015 too!

Stonum Automotive New Location

John Stonum of Stonum Automotive at new location

After a decade of blowing walls out, John Stonum now gets to build some new ones.

The owner of Stonum Automotive is building a new building at 1812 Sunset Place, across Sunset Street from Olde Columbine High School and the Career Development Center. He hopes to be relocated to the new facility by the end of the year.

“We now have four units,” Stonum said, giving a visitor a tour of his current Colorado Avenue facility. “We started out in one.”

His original 2,000-square-foot space on Colorado Avenue, which was just three lifts and an office, has grown over the decade to 7,000 square feet. As units on either side of him have opened up he’s been able to expand his business each time, but he’s out of room now, Stonum said, and some days it’s tough for customers to park.


Read full article online at TimesCall.com: http://www.timescall.com/business/ci_26147236/longmonts-stonum-automotive-relocating