The Importance of Regular Oil Changes

Changing Oil In Longmont, Colorado at Stonum AutomotiveUnless you own a house, your car is probably the biggest investment in your life. Even if you own a car that has a lot of miles on the odometer, it’s still important to protect your investment, and that means taking care of your car.

Care and Keeping of Cars

Like humans, cars can get by without paying much attention to them, but quickly start to deteriorate when neglected. There are little things you can do, like wash your car regularly to protect the paint from salt in winter, and big things you can do, like have your transmission flushed every few years. Arguably the most important thing you can do for your car is to get regular oil changes.

Make the Time to Get Your Oil Changed

When you mention oil changes, some people immediately roll their eyes and don’t think it applies to them, but oil changes don’t take much time, and the expense is worth it compared to the damage that can happen when it goes neglected. In the modern era, most service centers can complete an oil change and basic check-up in just minutes. Don’t make excuses, and make a regular oil change if you want to keep your car in proper working order.

The Risk of Not Getting an Oil Change

Oil has two important jobs. It lubricates engine parts and reduces friction—there are a lot of moving parts, after all. Oil’s other function is to draw heat away from the engine. Over time, when you neglect your oil change, you’ll start to notice a drop in performance. Your engine will sound slower, and even start chugging. Oil get thick, as it starts to collect debris, and becomes much less effective, causing poor performance.

When you continue to ignore its cries for help, engine parts can start to warp or wear down. Worst of all, when ignored long-term, it can lead to total engine failure. Total. Meaning the whole engine would need to be replaced. All you have to do is a quick Google search for nightmare scenarios and you’ll get tons of testimonials in favor of oil changes.

How Frequently Should I Change My Oil

This is a topic of debate, and one some people actually feel passionately about. The old rule, and one you’ve probably heard from a car lover in your life, is that you should get an oil change every 3,000 miles. However, it really depends on your car and the type of oil you use. Synthetic oil needs replacing almost half as frequently as natural oil. City drivers need more frequent oil changes than highway drivers. Check your owner’s manual.

Residents of Longmont, CO need to take every care to stay on top of regular car care and maintenance, including a regular oil change. However, there’s a lot more to proper car care than just an oil change. Talk to your service care center today to talk about what other regular maintenance you’ll need for your car, like tune-ups and tire rotations.


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