Is running a car’s air conditioner in the winter good or bad?

Some car owners hesitate when it comes to running their car’s air conditioning during the winter months. Not many think it is a good idea to run the a/c when temperatures outside are near freezing and the ground is covered by snow. However, running the a/c in the winter months does not cause any harm to the car’s heating and cooling system. In fact, there are many benefits to running the car’s air conditioning in the winter.

Air Conditioning Compressor

The car’s compressor does more than just cool the air before it passed through the car. You can use the a/c compressor while controlling the heat setting of the car to control the climate within. Doing so will help dehumidify the air, reducing fogged up windows. Running the air conditioner will also help clear up window condensation.

Air Conditioning System

Running the air conditioner during the winter will help prevent the car’s cooling system components from wasting away. This helps reduce the loss of refrigerant which occurs when the air conditioning unit is not used for extended periods of time. It also helps keep up the service life of the vehicle, reducing the need for to take the car to a local Longmont auto repair shop for expensive cooling system repairs. Those who opt not to run their air conditioning system during the winter months should make sure they at least run it for 30 minutes once a week. This will help keep the system active and fluids flowing through the a/c compressor.

Air Conditioning Problems

Though the cooling aspect of the air conditioning system will not be used during the winter months, car owners will still be able to catch any major issues. If the air conditioner is not run during the winter, a problem with the system may not be noticed until the summer. Which means the car owners could be driving around without air conditioning when the hotter months come around.

Running the air conditioner in a car during the winter months has many different benefits. Those who do so will be able to more efficiently control the temperature and moisture in the car. Plus, they can also protect the cooling system and possibly avoid high repair costs.

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