Auto Repair & Maintenance Service

In Longmont, CO there are a lot of auto repair shops. Instead of bringing your car to a shop where you don’t know the level of expertise or experience of its technicians, we invite you to visit Stonum Automotive. Our techs ensure a thorough and professional job; whether you need an oil change, a brake job, or a transmission or engine overhaul. We have the experience you’re looking for.

Start with scheduled maintenance and get to know our knowledgeable technicians. They will ensure your car is serviced properly in every season so you will be able to drive safely and comfortably. That old saying ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ couldn’t be more true when it comes to car care. Let Stonum Automotive prove it to you.

The Best Technicians & The Best Automotive Diagnostic Equipment

We use high-tech diagnostic equipment to guarantee your vehicle is repaired and/or serviced correctly the first time around, and we only use the highest quality replacement parts, filters, oils, and components when it comes to your car.

Our services include:

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Don’t wait until your car exhibits signs of problems to come see us. Our Longmont, CO auto repair shop can keep your car running great and keep an eye out for issues before they become problems. Visit us at 1812 Sunset Place, Longmont, CO today.