Tips For Fixing The Parking Brake

Regular brake repair in Longmont, CO is arguably more important than an oil change.  Colorado is a mountainous state with a lot of inclined roads.  To successfully navigate these roads, a driver will need an excellent braking system.  While driving with dirty oil is never recommended in normal circumstances, driving in Colorado does not really constitute normal circumstances.  An oil change will not help keep a car parked on an uphill slope or help the driver navigate a busy street on a steep decline.  An excellent braking system is needed in these circumstances, and drivers should be sure to have their brakes checked regularly so that they can rely on them in times of need.

Fixing The Parking Brake

One of the problems mentioned above is parking on an incline.  A fully functional parking brake is required to leave a car in a safely parked position on a hill.  Though it is not super common, malfunctions in the parking brake do happen from time to time and car owners should be aware of the signs and symptoms before it happens.  The most important sign of wear and tear is when the parking brake will not fully lock into position as high as it used to.  The reason why it slowly weakens over time is quite simple: the brake wires get loose with age and use.

Each car make has a specification for how high the parking brake should be pulled for it to actually lock.  This should be stated in the owner’s manual, and anything less than this height should be taken as cause for alarm.

Fixing The Parking Brake Is Not A DIY Fix

Some ambitious DIY blogs will say it’s possible to repair a parking brake with a few tools and a rudimentary knowledge of cars.  This is advisable for those who fancy themselves adept at mechanical work and have a fair amount of experience to back them up.  Those who have not worked much with cars are far better off taking it to a mechanic for a proper fix.

Electric Parking Brakes Operate The Same Way

Some newer models will have an electric parking brake system instead of the manual system described above.  Electrical parking brakes work in much the same way, the only difference being that it is automated through an electric motor rather than cable-operated.  Most mechanics will have the proper tools to replace or fix electronic parking brakes, so it’s no hassle either way for the car owner.

Getting regular check-ups on the parking brake might not be needed.  They are pretty sturdy components in the car’s braking system and really only need attention when their malfunction is noticeable to the driver.

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