5 Signs Your Car Might Need Brake Repair

Having an oil change appointment booked in advance can be practical, as this appointment can serve as a checkup when other car issues are brought to light. Should one’s brakes be undergoing some changes, asking one’s mechanic to check up on them during an oil change in Longmont, Co can be beneficial. There might be times when awaiting an upcoming oil change might be too risky, however, which is why taking immediate action is recommended. If a car’s brakes are undergoing any of the 5 following changes, this could be a sign that one needs immediate brake repair.


Your Car Makes Strange Noises When Braking


If there is one sign that every driver should look out for, it’s brake whining. When a car’s brakes are in good condition, they aren’t going to emanate any noise. However, when a car’s brakes are nearing their end they might begin to make noises of protest when pressed down upon. Should a driver be experiencing some embarrassing noises when stopping at a stop sign or red light, it is most likely due to their brake pads have worn out. Booking an appointment with a mechanic is in order when such noises become apparent.


Your Brake Pedal Is too Malleable


A good way of knowing whether or not one’s brakes need changing is by simply pressing down on them. Should one’s foot be met with some protest, this can indicate that their brakes are efficient. However, when one’s brakes are too malleable, this can be a sign that one’s brake pads are worn down.


Your Car is Pulling to the Sides When Braking


The entire reason a car has brakes is so that it can stop where it needs to stop. Driving with proper brakes is a safety precaution every driver should hold dear. One of the first signs that one’s brakes are on the fritz is poor brake performance. If a driver is pressing on the brakes, their car should stop immediately — not pulling to the left or right-hand side. Should this be occurring, it is crucial for one to seek immediate mechanical guidance.


You Can Feel Your Brakes Vibrating


Another sign that it’s time to change one’s brakes is when they begin to vibrate. In fact, vibrating brakes are never a good sign and can be the result of a larger problem at hand. Vibrating brakes are sometimes the outcome of a warped rotor or poorly lubricated vehicle.


Your Brake Light is On


If there is one telltale sign that one’s brakes need changing, it’s the brake light. A car is designed to inform drivers about possible complications, which is why taking a check-engine light or a brake light seriously is in order.


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