5 Smart Ways to Protect a Vehicle’s Engine

A vehicle is a valuable investment, and the engine is the most valuable component of most vehicles. Not only is the engine absolutely essential to the proper functioning of the vehicle as a whole, but it also tends to be one of the most costly components to fix if things go wrong. 

Basically, a vehicle’s engine is a valuable asset and should always be treated as such. Likewise, when owners take the time to give their engine the tender loving care that they deserve, they are often rewarded with years and years of extra use-value as a result.

However, getting the most out of a vehicle’s engine does indeed entail some proactive ownership steps, but those willing to put in a bit of extra work can almost certainly count on keeping their vehicle in better running condition for the long term, and this article is going to show car owners how to do it. Read on to find out more. 

1. Check That Fluid and Do It Often 

While regularly scheduled oil change in Longmont, CO, or anywhere else is an absolute must, owners also need to make an effort to make sure that their engine is always properly lubricated. There are plenty of issues that can cause an engine to leak, and this is often especially true of older vehicles. In addition, it is not uncommon for engine lubrication fluid to become dirty or cloudy. 

All the driver has to do to ensure the engine is properly lubricated is to insert the dipstick and pull it out, so they should make a habit of performing this simple ritual on a weekly basis. Should they notice that the levels have dropped or the fluid appears murky, they should schedule an appointment with a shop that specializes in car service in Longmont right away. Without the proper fluid balance in place, the engine could easily overheat, so it is important to not risk driving the vehicle if something seems off with the lubrication. 

Meanwhile, pre-scheduling a regular oil change in Longmont on a regular basis will help ensure the consistency stays optimal between scheduled maintenance visits. 

2. Mind that Check Engine Light

So, it is no secret that a lot of drivers tend to disregard the importance of their check engine light, especially if it is not appearing red or flashing to signal a sense of urgency. 

However, the check engine light exists for a reason, and this reason is to let drivers know that there is some sort of problem. While, in some cases the problem may indeed be a minor one, leaving it undressed can still have long-term effects on the overall functionality of the vehicle as a whole. Even worse, a lot of drivers will actually ignore this light until what once was a small issue finally turns into a large and costly breakdown that could have been avoided all along. 

This means that if a driver sees their check engine light pop up on their dashboard or console, they should heed the warning and schedule an appointment with a shop that specializes in auto repair in Longmont who are qualified to get to the root of the problem. 

Of course, a stable yellow light is not as serious as a red or flashing one, and if either of the latter signs appears, the driver needs to pull over immediately and assess whether roadside assistance might be required. 

3. Change the Air Filter on a Regular Basis

The air filter might seem like a relatively insignificant component, but the clean, fresh air that it delivers to the engine ensures it is always functioning at levels of optimal efficiency. 

Needless to say, if an engine is running side by side with an air filter that has long been bogged down by dirt and debris, it is pretty safe to assume that it is not functioning at peak performance either. 

Basically, the moral of the story here is that while the air filter is not exactly essential, it will help an engine function at it’s best, both in the long and short term, and should be checked and changed out on a frequent basis to ensure a driver is always getting the most out of their engine’s capabilities. 

4. Replace the Fuel Filter

Speaking of filters, another important and often underestimated filter to be mindful of is the overall condition of the fuel filter. 

The fuel filter performs a very similar function that the air filter does from the engine, keeping the fuel source free of dirt and debris so that it will always run smoothly and efficiently through the inner workings of the engine. This means that, just like the air filter, it should be checked on a frequent basis and removed and replaced as soon as an owner notices that it is getting bogged down with grime. 

Keep in mind that clean filters don’t just translate to a healthier, smoother running engine, but will also translate to better fuel efficiency as well, so making the effort to replace them on a frequent basis is something that will almost always pay off in the big picture. 

5. Don’t Forget to Top Up the Radiator Fluid 

All fluids that are used to keep a vehicle functioning at tip-top shape are going to eventually burn off and evaporate over time, and this means that they need to be frequently checked and replaced. 

While many people understand the importance of an oil change in Longmont, far more tend to neglect fluids that feed other vital components essential to the engines functioning, like the radiator, for example. The radiator is a mechanical component whose sole function is actually to ensure the engine is performing as it should be keeping it cool. 

This means if the radiator runs low on fluid, the engine is at risk of overheating, and this, in turn, can cause a very serious breakdown. In addition, drivers who neglect to check and top off their radiator fluid on a regular basis are probably also inadvertently causing their engine to run hotter than it should, and this is a recipe for premature wear and tear. 

Of course, the best way to avoid this type of unnecessary issue is to stay on top of those radiator fluid levels and replace them as needed. 

The Takeaway

For a vehicle to function well, the engine needs to be well cared for. It is really that simple. This is why, in addition to keeping up with all the tips above, it is a good idea to schedule a full engine check-up when booking an annual wheel alignment in Longmont to ensure everything is in optimal working order.

Meanwhile, anybody who is unfamiliar with how to execute any of the above suggestions should ask about them the next time they head in for an oil change in Longmont. A friendly neighborhood car pro will be happy to help. 

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