Be Prepared for the Three Main Types of Auto Repairs

Auto repair in Longmont tends to fall into one of three categories. There are standard repairs, old-car repairs, and total surprises. Knowing a bit about each category helps car owners be prepared for most of them, and having a good repair shop in advance is a great help when it comes to the third type.

Standard Repairs

Some car parts are made with aspects that are meant to wear out with use, so their repair can be budgeted for in advance. The brakes are the most notable of these thanks to the fact that the pads or shoes incur wear every time they do their jobs. In fact, the brakes wouldn’t work if it wasn’t for the friction – and resulting wear to the pads – that occurs every time the pedal is pressed.

Tires are also parts that wear out with use and wouldn’t be much good if they didn’t. As with the brakes, it’s the friction that occurs with normal operation that causes this effect. Without friction, tires would gain no traction and the wheels would just spin in futility.

Once a car is old enough, the exhaust system will also need repair or replacement. Unlike the other parts, this system isn’t subjected to friction. Instead, corrosion will be what eventually causes it to leak.

Old-Car Repairs

Friction comes back into play when a car has over 50,000 miles on it. Somewhere between that point and 100,000 miles, the ball joints, tie rod ends, wheel bearings, and other such parts will begin to wear out. Even though these parts are typically greased with each oil change, the constant turning will take its toll. While the principles of these repairs is usually simple, they’re on the expensive side. Fortunately, these problems almost always give out warning signals prior to catastrophic failure, so it’s possible to budget for them.


Surprise breakdowns can happen at any time, but are more likely as a car gets more years or miles under its belt. Fuel pumps, water pumps, hoses, and electrical systems tend to just suddenly stop working or “blow” with no prior warning. Because of the correlation with car age, owners of older cars should definitely find a trustworthy auto shop before these things occur. It’s also a great idea to have a membership with a large 24/7 road service provider that allows cars to be towed to the garage of choice at no out-of-pocket cost.

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