Auto Repair in Longmont for Air Conditioning Black Death

When air conditioning problems arise in a car, they’re generally obvious as airflow can become weak, warm, or non-existent. If reduced airflow is found early on, auto repair in Longmont can help prevent what is known as the “black death”. This doesn’t mean that a virus from 14th-century Europe will harm the air conditioning; it means that a car air conditioner has already gone through a process that has damaged the A/C system majorly.


What Exactly Is the Black Death?


This term happens when the refrigerant breaks down. A refrigerant is used as lubrication for the engine, and when this is gone, it targets the compressor first. After this has worn down on the compressor, mucky particles then find it’s way through the system to target the air conditioner. Instead of producing a weak airflow constantly, this will completely break down the system and cause it to completely stop working.


It is named “black death” because the color of the grime and crud that fuses itself to the system components. Flush machines are unable to remove this nasty coating on the metals of the components. When an air conditioning unit is properly maintained in a vehicle, the original compressor can stand the test of time and never have to be replaced. Unfortunately, when the “black death” hits, this is no longer the case, and the car air conditioning unit must be exchanged.


What Causes Weak Airflow?

A car air conditioner that is displaying weak airflow will show signs by producing a lack of cool air. While this is obvious, there are many causes of this weak airflow.


Since car air conditioners produce an excess of cool air, mold and mildew can accumulate over time. This typically happens in the evaporator core and will prevent solid airflow from reaching the vents. When this isn’t taken care of, over time the refrigerant will break down causing the compressor to accumulate grime. This is a main cause for the air conditioner issue, “black death”.


Another way weak airflow can occur within a car a/c unit is through a hose coming loose. When reattaching this hose, solid airflow is restored. While this is a simple fix, if not found early on, it could damage the a/c unit.


When there’s a leak in the condenser or the evaporator, this can cause refrigerant to leave the unit. If this happens, that means moisture will make its way into the unit and cause mold and mildew. This is one of the many ways the Black Death begins because of a lack of airflow and an underlying issue. Maintenance auto repair in Longmont can help prevent problems before they turn into expensive headaches.


Last, but not least, the seals on each unit can become open. These seals can be found in the core case, evaporator core, and the blower house. When these open up, direct airflow is not blowing, and once these seals are unfastened, the entire system becomes weakened and damaged.


The Black Death is a life-ending sentence for cars and their air conditioning units. Any type of moisture contamination can begin this process, including having bad refrigerant.



Is running a car’s air conditioner in the winter good or bad?

Some car owners hesitate when it comes to running their car’s air conditioning during the winter months. Not many think it is a good idea to run the a/c when temperatures outside are near freezing and the ground is covered by snow. However, running the a/c in the winter months does not cause any harm to the car’s heating and cooling system. In fact, there are many benefits to running the car’s air conditioning in the winter.

Air Conditioning Compressor

The car’s compressor does more than just cool the air before it passed through the car. You can use the a/c compressor while controlling the heat setting of the car to control the climate within. Doing so will help dehumidify the air, reducing fogged up windows. Running the air conditioner will also help clear up window condensation.

Air Conditioning System

Running the air conditioner during the winter will help prevent the car’s cooling system components from wasting away. This helps reduce the loss of refrigerant which occurs when the air conditioning unit is not used for extended periods of time. It also helps keep up the service life of the vehicle, reducing the need for to take the car to a local Longmont auto repair shop for expensive cooling system repairs. Those who opt not to run their air conditioning system during the winter months should make sure they at least run it for 30 minutes once a week. This will help keep the system active and fluids flowing through the a/c compressor.

Air Conditioning Problems

Though the cooling aspect of the air conditioning system will not be used during the winter months, car owners will still be able to catch any major issues. If the air conditioner is not run during the winter, a problem with the system may not be noticed until the summer. Which means the car owners could be driving around without air conditioning when the hotter months come around.

Running the air conditioner in a car during the winter months has many different benefits. Those who do so will be able to more efficiently control the temperature and moisture in the car. Plus, they can also protect the cooling system and possibly avoid high repair costs.

When a car’s air conditioning system doesn’t work, and the weather is hot, it’s time to find the right auto repair shop in Longmont, Colorado. Driving around in a hot car all day can make it difficult on the driver, and the problem can be a rather inexpensive one. A number of problems can go wrong with a car’s air conditioning system, and it isn’t always a costly repair.

A Hose May Be Loose Within the Air Conditioning System

A simple loose hose is all it takes for an air conditioning system to have a reduced flow of cold air. This is an easy repair, and one that many car owners can do on their own. When one doesn’t know a thing about air conditioners in a car, this can be done quickly at an auto repair shop by a mechanic. The repair should be fast and inexpensive when there is just a loose hose.

The Ventilation Fan Needs to be Replaced

The fan that blows air from the cooling unit into the car can break, causing the cold air not to reach the inside of the car it is trying to cool. This repair is more expensive than a loose hose, but it is still worth the repair costs to fix a broken ventilation fan. This fan is the same one that works to blow hot air into the car during the cold winter months, so it’s essential to have the ventilation fan fixed.

The Compressor is Broken

The compressor on a car air conditioning system can break, which is the most costly repair on a car’s air conditioning system. This type of repair is usually required on older cars, and some people find that it is not always worth fixing their compressor in order to have the air conditioner work again. Depending on the age of the car, and how hot the area is in which it is driven will determine if fixing the compressor is worth it to the car owner. It is worth getting the air conditioning system checked out by a professional to determine why the system is broken before giving up on the repair completely.

How to Get that Broken Auto Air Conditioner Working Again

Maybe the air conditioning isn’t broken in one’s vehicle, but the signs are all there…the car just doesn’t get as cool as it used to, and the air conditioner is ready to quit. In the Longmont area, one will need to find a good auto repair shop that specializes in this type of service. Fortunately there are some respected shops in Longmont that offer automotive air conditioning service, like Stonum Automotive Auto Repair in Longmont, and they can do it fast. It can be hard to detect what is wrong with an air conditioner, that’s why bringing the car in to a repair shop is a good course of action.

Why Auto Air Conditioning Fails & What to Do About It

Let’s take a look at what may cause an air conditioner to struggle, then eventually stop working:

·      Hoses may be loose

·      Refrigerant may be needed

·      Fuses or switches may need replacing

·      Blower motor may be broken

·      Compressor may have failed

These are but a few of the reasons that a car’s air conditioning may fail. Some people who are handy may try to diagnose the situation themselves, but that can be time consuming; eliminating one probable cause after another, then eventually fixing the problem. Stonum Automotive Auto repair shop in Longmont offers excellent air conditioning repair technicians, plus they often provide coupons on their websites or on Facebook. A common coupon offers a discount on compressor preventive maintenance. Another offers an affordable ‘Spring Special’ AC check and tune up. Taking advantage of these specials can defray the costs of maintenance and repairs. A quick Internet search for shops near one’s home, and coupons, takes just a few minutes. Some shops even offer a free diagnostic check so a person can find out what the problem is before service is performed.

Watch for These Symptoms of Air Conditioner Failure

Does cool air start to come out from the vents then change to warm air? Is there an unpleasant smell that comes from the vents? Or there may be an odd rattling or other unusual sound every time the AC runs. Let the auto repair technicians perform troubleshooting; they then will recommend the best solution to fix the problem. It’s better to let an experienced tech handle the situation so it can be resolved correctly and in a timely fashion.

Car Air Conditioning Tip:

Sometimes auto air conditioning problems aren’t that severe. Bringing the car in to the shop sooner rather than later can ward off bigger problems. It’s a good idea to take advantage of a free AC check and then see what options are available for repairs.

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