Vehicle Inspection: Tips for Purchasing a Used Car

When shopping for a used vehicle there are many factors buyers need to take into consideration. From the make and model of the vehicle to mileage and performance, it can be tough to know when to take the plunge and put down an offer. Even if buyers have already completed their test drive and gotten the CARFAX information, it is important to go the extra mile when purchasing a used car. The next step car buyers should take is to visit their local auto repair shop in Longmont for a detailed car inspection service.

Avoid Getting Stuck with a Lemon

A pre-purchase car inspection gives drivers an expert opinion on the current condition of any used vehicle. Even with CARFAX information and a solid test drive, a thorough vehicle inspection performed by a technician can help to discover unreported problems that only an experienced eye can identify. Unfortunately, many used car shoppers skip this important pre-purchase step and find out later on down the road that the car they bought is not performing as it should be.

A pre-purchase car inspection can not only help to prevent issues later on down the road but it can also give car buyers some leverage when negotiating on the final purchase price if the mechanic finds issues that need to be repaired. As an added bonus pre-purchase car inspections are usually very affordable and can help to give car buyers peace of mind when taking the plunge and purchasing a used car.

Pre-Purchase Car Inspection Checklist

When performing the pre-purchase car inspection service, potential buyers should make sure their mechanic checks the following:

  • Safety – Brake check, airbag safety and seatbelt functionality
  • Car Build – Overall structure of vehicle, suspension and drive train
  • Exterior – Tire condition, light functionality and overall body condition
  • Performance – Heating and cooling system functionality, electrical system, radiator performance, hoses, belts and fluids

Drive Away with Peace of Mind

By enlisting the services of a trusted, local auto repair shop in Longmont to perform a pre-purchase car inspection service before buying, drivers can save a great deal of time and money down the line. With the help of an experienced mechanic, potential buyers can rest easy knowing they’ve made the right choice in a used car and can give themselves and their loved ones peace of mind with a top performing vehicle.