Common Car Heater Malfunctions

Car heater problems have derailed many commutes and caused many trips to cancel. During the winter, they can become downright dangerous, as the car heater is in charge – among others – of blowing hot air towards the wind shield and helping melt ice off it.

However, unlike other types of engine malfunctions, car heater problems can be caused by a handful of different problems. This means they are hard to diagnose, and therefore hard to repair. Typically, motorists with this problem require a visit to an auto repair in Longmont in order to fix it properly.

Radiator Leaks Could Be Seeping Everywhere

A likely cause for a broken car heater lies in the radiator. This piece of the car requires both cooler fluid and water to function – and if either of those have gone missing or have not been changed in a while, the radiator will stop working. This in turn will hinder both the car heater and the air conditioning system. Forcing the engine to continue working in these conditions can cause serious damage, so it’s best to take care of it right away.

In addition, if the leak is affecting the cooler fluid, it’s important to tread carefully. This liquid is highly flammable, and if it seeps into other parts of the engine, it can cause more serious damage.

Thermostats Need to Be Regulated

The car’s thermostat is a small valve that closes when the engine is cold to allow it to heat quickly. It also shuts itself down as soon as it reaches a specific temperature to allow the heat to be released. Normal wear and tear can cause this valve to jam or to begin responding too slowly – which in turn keeps the car from heating up properly. Depending on the car model, this can be very hard to repair – some models place it in an easy-to-access location, other don’t.

Cleaning May Be In Order

A car’s temperature is regulated by the flow of coolant, or cooler fluid, around its different parts. However, if the ducts or small pipes that carry this fluid become jammed, the car heater will stop working as well.

This is a particularly likely possibility for cars that don’t undergo regular maintenance; grime and grease can easily jam these ducts if they have never been cleaned.

Grime and dust build-up can also jam one of the internal blower fans, another common wrecker of car heaters.

As Usual, Prevention Is Usually Cheaper

A car that is regularly taken to an auto repair in Longmont for maintenance and servicing is unlikely to develop any of the above-described problems, especially those involving the thermostat or the coolant.

Radiator problems are particularly important to prevent, because they can affect a car’s heater core. This is essentially the car’s “heart”: during initial production, it is the heater core that is first built and readied, and the rest of the car built around it. Other problems, such as jammed fans, are considerably easier to repair, but diagnosis can be difficult. Once again, it is a task best left to professionals.

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