Diagnosing Your “Check Engine” Light at Stonum Automotive

Check Engine Light - Stonum Automotive LongmontAt one point or another, most vehicle owners experience that dreaded moment when the “check engine” light illuminates on their dashboard panel. If this is something that’s recently happened to you, then of course you want to figure out what’s wrong and have the problem repaired as soon as possible. After all, you don’t want to be driving around with an engine problem that could only get worse.

At the same time, you want to find a reliable auto repair shop in the Longmont area that you can trust. Fortunately, you don’t need to look any further than Stonum Automotive to get the professional assistance and expertise that you need to diagnose your car and make the necessary repair.

Possible Causes of a “Check Engine” Light

First of all, understand that a “check engine” light coming on isn’t always the sign of a huge and expensive problem—even though that’s what many car owners immediately assume will be the case. Before you even stop by an auto repair shop, we recommend that you check to ensure that your gas cap is completely closed and latched. You might be surprised by how common it is for engine lights to come on because the driver has simply forgotten to close the fuel cap after pumping gas.

Furthermore, a “check engine” light could be the sign of a bad sensor, which is a quick and easy fix. In fact, it’s not very common for the light to come on as a result of a major and very expensive repair. As long as you take the time to have your car checked out as soon as the light comes on, the chances of having to face a very costly repair are quite slim.

Why Trust Stonum Automotive?

We understand that finding an auto repair shop you truly feel like you can trust isn’t always easy. That’s why we go out of our way to earn your trust as a customer with us time and time again. As such, we always strive to provide you with excellent and prompt service, quality workmanship, and reasonable pricing.
Don’t put off having your car’s “check engine” light diagnosed. Turn to the experts here at Stonum Automotive to get to the bottom of the problem today. We’re available for your appointment, so give us a call to set yours up.

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