How to Know if a Car Needs an Engine Rebuild

When a person owns a vehicle, there are certain things they need to do to ensure it stays running in great condition for a long time. This includes getting an oil change in Longmont, CO.  Of course, over time, parts will wear out and will need to be fixed or replaced. At some point in time, the vehicle may even need an engine rebuild.

Most people don’t want to think about getting an engine rebuild. It sounds like an expensive and scary process. While the price can vary depending on what type of auto repair in Longmont needs to be done, to ensure the vehicle runs the way it’s supposed to, an engine rebuild my be necessary. It could also be less expensive than a person getting a new vehicle.

Signs an Engine Needs to be Rebuilt

There are some signs that will show up that will let a person know if they need their engine rebuilt. A few of these are listed below.

More Exhaust Smoke than Normal

One of the first signs a person might see that will let them know something is wrong with their engine is excessive exhaust smoke. The color of the smoke is a good indicator to let a person (more than likely a professional) know exactly what’s wrong with the engine. 

If the smoke is white, this means that there’s a coolant leak in the engine. Letting this go for too long can lead to the engine overheating. Blue smoke is an indication that the engine is burning oil. When this happens, it can lead to the engine seizing because it isn’t getting the lubrication it needs to run properly. When black smoke comes out of the tailpipe, this is an indicator that the engine is burning too much gasoline. Not only will this end up costing the owner a lot of money on fuel expenses, but it can cause other issues with the vehicle.

An Engine Knocking Noise

Most people don’t want to hear strange sounds coming from their vehicle. They want it to run smoothly and quietly down the road. If they hear a loud knocking sound coming from their engine, they know that something is wrong. More than likely, they are away that they need more than an alignment in Longmont.

If the knocking sound rises and falls as the gas pedal is pushed down, this is a good indicator that the engine bearings have worn out. These are an incredibly important component of the engine. The moving parts of the motor rest on these. If they fail because they aren’t properly lubricated or there are a lot of miles on the engine, then it’s possible that the motor will seize up.

Decrease in Engine Performance

If a person finds that after getting car service in Longmont their vehicle isn’t running the way it used to, this could be an indication they need an engine rebuild. Of course, there are many reasons an engine may suddenly stop performing the way it used to or has reduced fuel efficiency. Knowing exactly what the problem is will require a person taking their vehicle in to a professional to have it looked at.

What an Engine Rebuild Entails

Deciding whether or not to get an engine rebuild will be based on personal preference. It can be incredibly expensive to have this process done, and if the vehicle isn’t worth putting that much money into, then buying a new one is the better option. However, getting a new vehicle also means having monthly payments, paying for different insurance, and dealing with depreciation.  Not everyone can afford these expenses either.

In some cases, the vehicle might also be a classic. If a person wants to continue to drive this around town and keep it running in pristine condition, then an engine rebuild is the way to go. Getting an engine rebuilt can make the vehicle like new again. It should certainly take care of any issues that may have arisen while driving around.

In general, rebuilding an engine is a detailed process. It involves cleaning and assessing the short block, replacing the piston rings, bearings, and other components. It may also involve reconditioning the cylinders to ensure the engine is in optimum shape.

Have the Right Equipment

This is something that most professionals can do quickly and easily. It can also be accomplished by individuals who want to work on their own vehicles. However, having the right equipment is important. In most cases, the engine will have to be removed from the vehicle so that all the parts can be accessed. These components aren’t light, so having the right tools to get it out of the vehicle can be incredibly beneficial.

Once a person starts working on the various parts, they should also know how to put things back together. If the components aren’t put back in their exact place, then the engine won’t run. The goal is also to make sure the engine runs better. Having the right parts will mean the person gets the gas mileage they want and need and won’t have to worry about the engine breaking down again.

A Rebuilt Engine Can be as Good as New

No matter why a person decides to rebuild their engine, if done properly, it can run like new.  This can be a great way to keep a vehicle on the road for longer and running in great shape.  Whether the vehicle is a classic or what a person uses to get them to and from work, having it run the way it’s supposed to is advantageous.

While this process can be expensive, if a person gets an oil change in Longmont like they are supposed to, it could reduce the chances of needing to have an engine rebuilt. Taking care of the vehicle is always the first step in ensuring it runs the way it’s supposed to. 

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