Keeping Up with Auto Maintenance

Your automobile is likely one of the most expensive purchases you will make throughout your lifetime. For this reason, once you get a nice new one, whether it is brand new or a used one that is just new to you, chances are you want to keep it running smoothly for a while. There are several ways that you should go about keeping your vehicle in the best shape you possibly can, including regularly performing some maintenance items as well as getting it checked out. From getting an oil change in Longmont, CO, to checking on the tires, here are some things that you should look into having done for your automobile and how to know when it is time to get maintenance done. 

Recommended Maintenance Schedule

Depending on the age of your vehicle as well as how often you use it, you may not need to follow the same maintenance schedule as everyone else. For example, some newer models are being made to run longer before you need to get another oil change in Longmont. For this reason, it is important to check out your owner’s manual when you first get a new automobile as well as any time you have questions about when you should be taking your car in for different services. While reading the manual, consider making some sort of schedule to make it easier for you to remember when you need to take your car in for services. 

Oil and Other Fluids

One of the most common things on your vehicle maintenance checklist is getting your oil and other fluids looked at. For many years, it was recommended to get an oil change every 3,000 miles or three months, whichever came first. However, with some newer models of vehicles, manufacturers are now saying that you can go longer, such as closer to 5,000 miles. This is where it is important to look into your particular model; you wouldn’t want to go too long and end up with a costly auto repair in Longmont because your engine is having trouble. 

While you are getting your oil changed, the shop will likely look into the filter, as well. This should be changed on occasion when it is getting too dirty, because a clog in the filter can cause problems for your engine as well as decrease your fuel efficiency. The levels of other fluids, such as your coolant, will likely be checked and topped off, as well. If these things are not automatically done at the shop that you take your vehicle to, consider asking the mechanics if they can add those features on and how much extra it would cost. 

Proper Tire Care

Taking proper care of your tires is another thing you need to have done regularly to avoid a blowout on the road, which could potentially cause catastrophic problems to your vehicle. There are a few different things to look out for when it comes to your tires, and you should probably be keeping an eye on tire health while you are at the gas pump fueling up. For example, one of the most important things to note is how much tread is on your tire. You can find out more about how to use a penny to accomplish this. 

Another thing you want to make sure you are keeping an eye on in terms of your tires is how much tire pressure you have. Over time, tire pressure may decrease, and if it gets too low it can be dangerous to drive. Some newer models have built-in gauges that give you the readings and inform you when one tire is too low, but you should also learn how to use a tire pressure gauge as well as what level to have your tire pressure at to not accidentally overfill or underfill them. 

Finally, it is important to occasionally take your vehicle in for alignment in Longmont. This helps to make sure your automobile isn’t pulling too much to one side or another, and this can help prevent problems such as uneven wear on one side of the tires over the other. 

Regular Inspections

Getting your vehicle inspected regularly is another thing that you can do to make sure it continues running at its best. Regular inspections help ensure you catch potential problems early, before they become bigger problems. You are required to get safety inspections done to renew your plates every year or two, but it is also important to take your vehicle in for an inspection and car service in Longmont any other time that you think it is acting funny. This could potentially save you hundreds of dollars by fixing a problem before it causes problems elsewhere. 

Windshield Wipers

Finally, it is important to make sure you are routinely checking and changing your windshield wipers. Over time, the wiper blades may begin to dull, making the wipers less efficient and therefore creating a more dangerous situation for you if you are driving in the rain. Once the wipers begin missing spots or causing streaks, it is likely time to get new ones. Someone at the shop should even be able to help you pick out the right ones and get them installed when you take your vehicle in for other routine maintenance. 

There is a lot of maintenance involved with owning an automobile if you want to make sure you are keeping it in the best shape possible. Many things, such as getting your oil changed and checking your tires, are likely things that you think about often. However, there are other parts of your vehicle that sometimes need attention, as well, and that is where the safety inspections come in handy so that you know where yours is at on its maintenance schedule. Don’t put off taking your vehicle to a shop when it is time for maintenance or whenever something just doesn’t feel right. 

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