Longmont Air Conditioning Service Companies: Treating 4 Common Causes of Car Heating Issues

A person’s vehicle is one of their most prized possessions. Not only do most people appreciate their car for its practicality, getting them to and from wherever they need to go, many people go so far as to love their car. In fact, many people name their cars and care for them as they would a member of their family.

Regardless of the level of devotion a person feels toward their car, it is imperative that they do all they can to get the best services and care for it. High quality maintenance and repair services will do much to keep a car in good working order for years to come. This includes a Longmont air conditioning service company that also focuses on car heating services.

How Longmont Air Conditioning Service Companies ID 4 Common Car Heating Issues

A car’s heating and cooling systems are closely related. This is one of the main reasons why a company will focus on both systems, as opposed to one or the other.

If a person presents their car with a heating issue, how does an air conditioning and heating company determine the exact problem?

  1. Check for Cooling System Leaks

Anti-freeze or coolant is used to reduce corrosion and boost the boiling point within the cooling system and engine. Leaks will not only stop the heater from working efficiently, the engine won’t be able to cool down.

  1. Evaluate the HVAC Door

An HVAC door opens and closes to direct air flow to various vents in the car. This door is typically made of plastic, which can break over time and lead to a vent or vents not working properly.

  1. Look for Water Pump Corrosion

A water pump forces coolant throughout a car’s heating system. Corrosion on the pump will eventually make it impossible for the pump to do its job. This can cause a car’s engine to overheat. In some cases, there is a leaky seal or a failed bearing on the water pump where coolant can seep out and cause the heating system to malfunction.

  1. Assess the Heater Core

Trapped air or clogs in the heater core can prevent the heating and air conditioning system from working properly. A service technician will feel the heater core tubes; one should be warm and the other hot. If one is hot and the other is cold, there is some sort of clog that needs to be addressed. Another problem is a leaking heater core. This is sometimes difficult to fix, so a professional should definitely be consulted. They may be able to repair the leak, or replacement may be the best option.

A Treasured Vehicle Deserves Top-Notch Car Heating and Air Conditioning Services

A person’s car is often more than just a means to get from place to place; it is their pride and joy. Such a beloved possession deserves the best care possible. At the first sign of heating issues, a car should be taken to a top-notch Longmont air condition service company.

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