Signs Your Brakes Need Repairing

You most likely use your vehicle on a day-to-day basis running routine errands and making the usual commute to work. If you have children, your vehicle will probably be the most useful tool for getting your kids where they need to be on time. Vehicles are an essential part of life all across America, and if they aren’t running correctly, then you can be put in severe danger. A significant cause of accidents worldwide is vehicle defects. A vehicle is a complex piece of machinery that requires routine maintenance and upkeep to ensure that it is operating smoothly. In most cases, when you buy your vehicle, you will want to make sure that you have a trusted group of mechanics that will take care of your vehicle while giving you helpful tips on how to watch out for maintenance issues. There are signs and signals that a vehicle will express, such as lights and sounds that can help notify the driver if there is a problem. 

Malfunctioning brakes are a significant vehicle issue that can put you in grave danger if repairs aren’t made in time. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle and its age, your need to have the brakes repaired may be more frequent. It is also common that many drivers do not run into this problem for their entire driving life. Regardless of your situation, you will want to know the signs to look out for to make sure that you take your vehicle in for brake repairs before it’s too late. A common way to tell if your brakes are in jeopardy is by monitoring the brake light. While this is common knowledge, this article will outline other signs that aren’t as well known. While you are visiting the mechanic, you can also ask for an oil change in Longmont, CO

Squeaking or Squealing Noises

It is more common for older vehicles to make sounds while driving. Newer models tend to have a more compact and lightweight design in which sounds are almost obsolete. If you have an older model, it will be harder to differentiate a brake repair issue from your regular issues, while with newer vehicles, it will be easier to notice. The main sounds you are going to want to look out for, whether your vehicle is old or new, are squeaking, squealing as well as grinding sounds. These noises are usually very high pitched, and if they silence when you put your foot on the brakes, then it can indicate that your brake pads are worn down.

If you also hear these noises while your foot is on the brake, then several issues could be present. One possibility is that a rock or piece of debris is stuck in the caliper, which can be fixed easily. On the other hand, your brake pads may have worn entirely down, in which case there will be metal rubbing on metal. This issue requires immediate auto repair in Longmont. 


The number one way to tell if your vehicle has a significant issue is by how it handles. If you find that your vehicle maneuvers differently than previous uses, you most likely will need to contact a mechanic for an alignment in Longmont. This wobbling can also be because of uneven brake rotors. These are inside of the wheels, and if the surface of the rotors experience wears over time, then you may experience wobbling. The best way to go about fixing these issues is by contacting a mechanic. They are experts that are trained in diagnosing vehicle issues, and if you tell them that your vehicle is wobbling, they can help you to figure out precisely what is wrong with the brake rotors or if it is an entirely different problem. 

Fluid Leaks

You may have noticed if you park your vehicle in your garage or on the driveway, large stains pool on the ground below. These are often oil leaks, which may eventually lead to an oil change in Longmont. However, other fluids are required for your vehicle to perform correctly, and one of these is brake fluid. The most common way to tell if you are experiencing this leak is if your brake pedal feels soft. A technician will be able to know if the brake fluid is leaking out of the master cylinder or from a different spot in the brake’s system. This cylinder is what gives your brakes their power, and when fluid pumps through the tiny pipes, hydraulic pressure is created. If there is a fluid leak, then you will not have enough energy to apply the brakes. 

Smell Of Burning

If you ever smell something burning while driving, it is a sure sign that you have a mechanical issue that requires car service in Longmont. One reason you may smell burning is if the brake fluid has overheated. This occurs when there is continuous braking on steep hills. If you experience this, the best thing you can do is pull over and let them cool down. While you are waiting, you can call a mechanic to come and check your vehicle out. The roadside assistance can let you know how to proceed.

A sure way to know you have a brake issue is if they feel different from past uses. If your vehicle is producing sounds such as squealing or squeaking, then you have a worn-down brake pad. If this sound continues even after you have applied the brakes, then you may have worn the brake pads out entirely, which requires immediate attention. Additionally, if you smell burning or feel a wobble as you drive, your brakes may be defective.

Before you make your own assumptions, you should take your vehicle into a local shop where their experts can diagnose and treat your vehicle appropriately. If you take your vehicle in for routine maintenance and upkeep, then you prevent more significant issues from arising in the future.

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