Stonum Automotive New Location

John Stonum of Stonum Automotive at new location

After a decade of blowing walls out, John Stonum now gets to build some new ones.

The owner of Stonum Automotive is building a new building at 1812 Sunset Place, across Sunset Street from Olde Columbine High School and the Career Development Center. He hopes to be relocated to the new facility by the end of the year.

“We now have four units,” Stonum said, giving a visitor a tour of his current Colorado Avenue facility. “We started out in one.”

His original 2,000-square-foot space on Colorado Avenue, which was just three lifts and an office, has grown over the decade to 7,000 square feet. As units on either side of him have opened up he’s been able to expand his business each time, but he’s out of room now, Stonum said, and some days it’s tough for customers to park.


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