Transmission Services: Top 4 Signs That it’s Time for a Flush

Most auto repair shops in Longmont will recommend that car owners get their transmission flushed every 30,000 miles or every 2 years to keep their vehicle in good working order. But for some cars, there may be certain situations when that rule of thumb needs to be ignored. In some cases, a transmission may need to be flushed much sooner to help protect the transmission and the car’s overall performance. For owners that believe there may be an issue with their transmission performance, there are several key signs they can look for.

When to Flush: 4 Most Common Signs of a Troubled Transmission

Grinding and Strange Noise

When a transmission becomes bogged down with dirt, grease and other debris it may begin to show signs similar to that of low transmission fluid levels. If drivers notice their transmission grinding or making odd sounds when driving, it is a good idea to check the transmission fluid levels while the car is still running. If the fluid level seems normal, the vehicle most likely needs a transmission flush.

Hard to Shift Gears

Whether a vehicle is a manual or automatic, clean transmission fluid is necessary for smooth operation and maximum performance. If a transmission has too much dirt or sludge in the fluid it can cause a sluggish response when shifting gears. It may be time to flush the transmission fluid in an automatic if the car changes gears too quickly or too late. Manual transmissions that need a flush may be hard to shift at all.

Slipping Gears

Excess dirt and contaminants in the transmission can cause a loss of hydraulic power, therefore keeping the transmission from staying in the appropriate gear. A dirty transmission can quickly start to interfere with transmission fluid flow, resulting in the lack of pressure needed for the transmission to stay in gear. It the transmission is experiencing no other issues besides slipping gears, it may be time to get a flush.

Vehicle Surge

A transmission that is polluted with an excess amount of dirt and debris usually needs a transmission flush. When drivers notice a certain unexplainable surging while driving it may mean that the dirty transmission is hindering proper fluid flow. This can cause the car to jump or surge backwards and forwards without warning. This phenomena is caused by an inconsistent flow of transmission fluid and indicates that it is time for a flush.

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