Useful Car Services for Winter

Winter is a harsh time for a vehicle. Between the snow, slush, salt, and sleet, a car can be tested to its limit. Winter is especially challenging for vehicles because of the increased chance of damage from both environmental factors and driving hazards. Cold winter temperatures and icy conditions can affect a car’s performance in significant ways, and responsible vehicle owners should take the proper precautions to ensure they do not find themselves with unnecessary mechanic bills. Taking the proper precautions to keep a vehicle running smoothly is as simple as recognizing the potential risks of winter driving and addressing them appropriately. It is important to consider all aspects of winter driving when taking proper precautions: a driver should think about the inside of the automobile, like the engine and the passenger area, as well as performance, like how it will handle in the ice and snow. It is easy to be proactive with winter vehicle maintenance, and the time and money proper care will save down the road are invaluable. It takes far less effort to take the proper precautions in the present than to run the risk of having to deal with the consequences of a future breakdown or accident.

Snow Tires

This is what most people think of when they consider their options for preparing their vehicle for the winter. Snow tires are different than regular tires in that they have a wider tread, resulting in greater tire surface area in contact with the road. This increased contact results in increased friction, which counteracts the slippery effects of the wet snow and ice. Drivers should take proper precautions for winter and have a set of snow tires for their vehicles in addition to regular tires. In extreme winter conditions, snow tires need to be supplemented with winter tire chains, which are meant to cut into the snow and ice for increased traction. However, most drivers will never have to experience such measures. Winter tires can be used for multiple winters, and simply require to be installed and removed at the appropriate times. Be sure to contact a mechanic for tire installation and removal services.

Brake Repair

Ice is a driver’s worst nightmare. It can be hard to see but ice can drastically affect a person’s ability to steer their vehicle, leaving them helpless as they spin out of control. Brakes play a major role in maintaining a person’s ability to drive safely in icy conditions, so ensuring they are at their best should be a top priority for anyone looking to prepare their vehicle for winter. Signs that brakes need to be replaced include squeaking noises when being applied, vehicle shaking, and requiring increased brake pressure for use. If a driver detects any of these symptoms, especially before winter, they should make sure to get their brakes checked the next time they are getting auto alignment in Longmont.

Oil Change

Many people wouldn’t think getting an oil change in Longmont, CO, to prepare for colder weather and snow, but different motor oils perform differently depending on the temperature. Before the ice and snow set in, vehicle owners should ensure that their vehicle has motor oil that is rated for the Winter. These would have a “W” rating on them, which is their cold-weather rating. For example, one could have a rating of 5W30—that means that its cold weather rating is 5. Drivers should get an oil change in Longmont and ensure 5W is installed so that it can keep running smoothly regardless of the temperature.


It gets cold in the winter, so drivers should make sure their vehicle’s heating system is running properly. A vehicle’s heating system is important not only for passenger comfort but also for preventing important components from freezing and malfunctioning. Heating is also important in preventing window and windshield fogging, as improper heating systems can result in excess moisture inside the cab. There are indicators that a vehicle’s heating system needs to be replaced, to which all drivers should pay attention. Some of these signs include a heating system that blows cold air, only functions while the car is driving, or is unable to heat the car adequately. If a car owner is experiencing any of these problems, they should bring their car in for service in Longmont to properly prepare for the cold winter months.

Towing Services

Sometimes drivers who do all the right preparations can still find themselves in an accident; after all there are always other drivers on the road who may not be as proactive with their winter driving safety measures. Traffic accidents are a hassle for all involved as they are time-consuming, expensive, and often derail plans. Drivers should do all they can to avoid accidents, such as practicing defensive driving and properly servicing their vehicles. But in the winter when roads are wet and icy, even the most attentive drivers can often slip up and find themselves in an accident. If such a situation does happen, proactive car owners should be sure to have a service they can contact to provide road vehicle maintenance and towing if need be. A good towing service will bring the vehicle back to the garage and perform the necessary maintenance on the car to get it back and running. The next time a vehicle needs auto repair in Longmont due to poor weather, be sure to contact a towing service for expert service.

Be Proactive

Winter can be an exciting time of the year, so drivers should not let harsh winter weather affect their holiday plans. By properly preparing their vehicle for the ice and snow by performing required vehicle maintenance, vehicle owners can ensure their winter driving experience is as safe and comfortable as possible. Don’t take a chance with winter driving safety, as often the money saved in the short term can result in immense costs in the future. Be smart, be proactive. Visit your local mechanic today and get a checkup!

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