5 Reasons Why a Regular Oil Change in Longmont Is So Important

One of the most needed, yet most neglected, car maintenance procedures is a regular oil change in Longmont. There are many people who think the recommendations of the car manufacturer are too stringent and that the oil doesn’t need to be changed too often. These people wait until their oil is running low or changes color before they decide to change it.

But is this really the best practice?

Oil Change in Longmont: 5 Reasons It Needs To Happen Regularly

Regular oil changes are actually extremely important if a vehicle owner wants their car to run well for a long time. There are 5 reasons in particular why regular oil changes are vital to the life of a vehicle.

  1. Oil Is To A Vehicle What Blood Is To A Human

Blood brings oxygen and nutrients to all of the body’s organs. People with blood disorders or low blood counts don’t function as well as people who don’t suffer from these things. Blood disorders cause low energy and inefficient function.

Oil is just as important to a car as blood is to a body. The oil keeps the car functioning in optimal condition, keeps the car from overheating and keeps the engine running like it was brand new.

  1. Better Lubrication Means a Better Riding Experience

A smoother ride is achieved, in large part, to a well-lubricated engine. Carbons and varnish are collected in the oil with every little engine explosion, thousands of which occur every few minutes. New, clean oil is the best engine lubricant.

  1. Old Oil Eventually Becomes Sludge

Besides the carbons and varnish that build up in the oil, dust, mud and other debris can build up in the oil. Soon, the smooth oily liquid becomes thick and heavy with the debris. This sludge will adversely affect the performance of the engine.

  1. Better Gas Mileage

Not only does the lubrication of the oil help with a smoother ride, it helps improve gas mileage. When the oil becomes like a thick sludge, it causes more friction within the engine. More friction equals worse gas mileage. Keeping up with regular, 3 month or 30,000 mile oil changes will help keep friction low and improve the gas mileage.

  1. A Cleaner Environment

Oil fuel emits harmful fumes into the environment. These noxious emissions pollute the environment and can cause illness, especially in people with asthma or other lung conditions.

Faithful Cars Are Well-Maintained Cars

It isn’t uncommon to hear people say that they have a faithful car. They are saying this because they’ve had little-to-no trouble with the vehicle over the years that they’ve owned it. Part of the reason people experience this is because they’ve purchased a car with a good reputation. Another reason why they have such a good car is because they take the time to do the necessary maintenance on it. Sticking to a maintenance schedule, one that includes a regular oil change in Longmont, will help keep a car in good working order for years to come.

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