Auto Repair in Longmont: Car Air Conditioning Efficiency

For many Longmont auto owners, the car’s air conditioning system is an essential side of surviving every summer. When the heat wave hits, the prospect of reaching the cool haven inside their car can become downright addictive. Unfortunately, a car’s air conditioning system is also one of the most likely parts of a car to malfunction, as well as being a remarkable fuel-drain.

There are, however, many ways to maximize the efficiency of an air conditioning system and diminish the chances of it breaking.

Air Conditioning Systems Don’t Work Well with Shocks

As a general rule, any cooling system placed on overdrive will waste energy all around. In order to minimize their fuel consumption, the key is to allow them to work in phases.

First, it’s important to prevent the interior of the car from overheating. During peak heat days, indoor parking is the best way to go. If forced to park outside, finding a shaded spot is recommended, as well as cracking the windows open. The idea is to prevent the interior from becoming too hot.

To avoid damaging the A/C system in addition to saving fuel, it’s recommended to place the A/C on low first and allow it to cool down the car interior for a few minutes. Once the air has cooled down a bit, turning on the “air recirculation” option will further lower energy consumption before finally setting it to the desired intensity.

Many Longmont motorists seek auto repair services because they can’t place the damp or moldy smell that comes out whenever the A/C is turned on. This is caused by the droplets of condensed moisture that stay inside the air conditioning’s evaporator, which then leak and make bacteria or fungi develop.

This can be prevented by keeping things slow once it’s time to leave the car. The air conditioning should be turned off before the engine is. Ideally, this should be done three to five minutes before reaching the final destination – temperature won’t increase as long as the windows are closed. Meanwhile, the fan should remain working at medium strength – this is essential to dry out the interior of the A/C system, which in turn will help keep it clean for longer.

Regular Maintenance Saves Money – Even Medical Bills

With the tips described above, the air conditioning system will be less likely to break down. However, regular maintenance is still a must. Coolant leaks can be a very serious issue, as they are not only very harmful to the environment, but should they reach other parts of the car’s engine, it can be very expensive to repair.

The coolant liquid should be replaced regularly, and the whole system tested for leaks. Under normal circumstances, coolant will not be toxic to humans just through contact (although it should never be drunk). Replacing this fluid will also give an opportunity to sanitize the entire container – bacteria left to thrive in there can raise the chances of upper respiratory infections.

Air conditioning systems have gone from a luxury to a staple of Longmont’s summers, so it’s best to keep them functioning properly. Scheduling regular maintenance with a reliable auto repair shop in Longmont is the best bet.

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