How to get the car ready for winter

Winter is finally here and many car owners are working fast to ensure their cars are completely winterized. Winterizing a car is simple and can be done in a short amount of time. Though some winterizing steps can be done by the car owners, other steps may require the assistance of a Longmont area auto repair shop.


The oil levels in a car’s engine will depend greatly upon how hot or cold the engine is running. As temperatures drop, the engine will run more efficiently when using thinner oil. Take the car in for an oil change before temperatures get too cold. This will help ensure the car’s engine runs more efficiently during the winter months.


Check the coolant levels of the car to ensure they are full. This will help keep the engine from corroding during the winter months. This will protect the engine when temperatures start to fall. Check the car’s manual for the proper coolant to use during the winter.


Check the battery capacity and inspect all cables and terminals. Since battery capacity is reduced in the winter, checking it will help ensure the car’s battery does not die. Depending upon the capacity level of the battery and condition of the cables and terminals, it may be necessary to get a new battery.

Snow tires

Those wanting to use snow tires during the winter will want to ensure that they are inflated properly. It is also important to check the treads on the tires. Those replacing a tire may want to replace all four. This will help ensure they all work together when driving on snowy and ice road conditions.

Winter kit

Keep a winter kit in the trunk of the car. The kit will be useful should the car breakdown on the side of the road. This kit should include flares, blankets, boots, a radio, extra engine oil, washer fluid and coolant. It should also have a few nonperishable snacks and bottled water.

Windshield washer

Check the wiper blades for the windshield. It is also a good idea to use windshield washer fluid designed for cold temperatures.

Taking the time now will help reduce any additional damage done to a car when temperatures drop below freezing. Winterizing a car will also help ensure that the driver is prepare for any road conditions and will keep all passengers safe during an emergency.

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