Things to check when a car’s heater is not working properly

There is nothing worse than having to get into a cold car during the winter, only to find out that the heater in the car is not working. There are many reasons why a car’s heater may not be working. Some reasons can be an easy fix while others may need the assistance of an auto repair shop in the Longmont area. Here are some reasons why a car’s heater may suddenly stop working.


The thermostat is not generally the go-to reason why a car’s heating system is not working properly. However, if the car has a bad thermostat it could be an issue behind why the car is not heating properly. If the thermostat is bad, it could mean that it is not efficiently regulating the temperature of the coolant for the heater. It also helps control the temperature for the engine. If it is not working, the engine will not be operating at the optimum temperature. This can also cause lower gas mileage because the car is not running as smoothly as it should be.

Heater core

The heater core of a car works similar to the car’s radiator. However, instead of cooling air and recirculating it through the engine, it takes the hot air from the engine and circulates it through the car. Heater cores can leak or become clogged. This is what could cause the heater in a car from working properly.

Low coolant

Low coolant caused by leaks in the cooling system could also affect the car’s heating system. Low coolant could make the air that comes out of the vents cold. Some cars may experience warm air when the car is in motion, but will feel cooler air when it is running at idle. Using a coolant pressure test kit will help determine if the coolant levels are low and will reveal any leaks the system may have.

When a car’s heating system stops working, it is probably best to seek assistance and take the car in for some heater maintenance and service. By doing so, the car will be checked to verify the reason why the heating system stopped working and will be able to diagnose any other potential problems with the heating system.


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