How to Get the Most from Auto Repairs

If consumers are not careful, they could easily pay more for auto repairs than necessary. Many drivers have little understanding of the mechanics of their vehicle. When a problem arises, they’re forced to rely on a qualified mechanic to handle the repairs. Smart drivers will take advantage of the following tips to ensure they get the most from their auto repair in Longmont without over-extending their budget.

Don’t Assume, Ask

When bringing a vehicle to the shop for service, consumers should ask the mechanic questions concerning repair work that needs to be done. A good mechanic will take time to explain what the problem is, what work needs to be done, how long it will take and give an estimate for repair costs. Working with a trustworthy mechanic will give consumers greater confidence in receiving quality repair work at reasonable costs.

Compare Repair Costs

When it comes to major repairs, consumers should check around to get an idea of prices in their local area. It often pays to get quotes from several shops before making a final decision. Once consumers have received a diagnosis of the problem, they can simply call a few other shops in their area or go online to compare prices for the repairs they need.

Get Repair Costs in Writing

Once consumers have agreed to repairs, they should get the mechanic’s work and cost estimate in writing so both parties are fully aware of the services being authorized for the car. Repair costs should be itemized on the estimate so consumers can see at a glance what the mechanic is charging for the services he or she plans to provide.

Once a mechanic has started work, it’s possible he or she may find additional problems. If so, consumers should ensure their mechanic receives confirmation from them to perform additional repairs. This gives consumers time to consider repair options and prepare for additional repair costs.

For major auto repairs, consumers should expect their repair shop to provide a written guarantee for at least one year for parts and labor.

Check Warranty

Before taking a vehicle to an independent shop for repairs, consumers should check their warranty to ensure the repairs are not already covered by the dealership. If a vehicle is under warranty, chances are consumers can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by having the repairs completed at their local dealership.

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