Winter Auto Repair in Longmont

Winter auto repair in Longmont typically involves receiving car heater service. This normally includes routine maintenance and troubleshooting on the heating and air conditioning systems. Certain fixes can benefit the health of drivers and passengers.

When diagnosing heating and cooling problems, mechanics usually perform a series of routine inspections. These include the following:

  • Testing the air for presence of mold and mildew
  • Observation of the defrost system to detect operation problems
  • Addressing heating and cooling issues that occur while idling
  • Checking of airflow at lowest and highest settings
  • Examination of heating system when it only blows cold air
  • Search for more answers as to why the vehicle does not heat properly
  • Inspections of the internal blower, hoses, radiator cap and thermostat
  • Measure of interior vent air temperature
  • Monitoring of A/C pressure to see if it meets manufacturer specifications
  • Inspections of the compressor belt

Positive Effects of A/C Inspections

Regular inspections usually prevent worse problems. When looking over an engine, a mechanic can immediately take care of clogged hoses. He or she can also watch out for drips within the heating and cooling system and make necessary repairs. Hoses, thermostats, fans, belts and other parts often are replaced during this time.

Another important concern is the condition of the radiator. A mechanic usually will look for leaks within it, and if holes cannot be repaired, the entire unit is replaced. The hugest issue with radiators is that a poorly-performing one can blow out an engine. This often happens when the antifreeze does not circulate properly through the heating and cooling system. Besides inspecting hoses and other parts, making sure the radiator is in optimal condition will prevent engine damage.

Air Flow Testing

Upon taking a car to receive auto repair in Longmont, air flow testing is sometimes recommended. Making sure all heating and cooling ducts are working properly prevents air contamination. When the air quality inside an automobile is clean, it can prevent airborne sicknesses caused by mildew, mold and pathogens.

After undergoing auto repair in Longmont, drivers are more likely to make it through the winter with very few problems. Their vehicles will usually start, and they will stay warm. They will stay cool in the summer, too.

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