Signs a Car is Badly in Need of an Oil Change

In a perfect world, everyone takes care of their vehicles in a timely manner. However, there are times that individuals fall behind on their car maintenance. When a vehicle is overdue for an oil change in Longmont, there are several signs a person should look for including:

Warning Light Comes On

Almost every feature on a vehicle has a warning light to let the driver know that something has gone wrong, and the amount of lubrication in the engine is no different. If the warning light for this comes on, it’s crucial to stop the vehicle as soon as possible and check the level. If necessary, add as a low level can be extremely dangerous for the moving parts of the engine. Running the car with a low lubrication level can put an individual at risk of seizing up the entire engine block, so it’s important to take these warning lights seriously.

Lubricant Looks Dirty and Brown

When checking the lubrication levels, if one finds that the liquid looks dirty, brown, and is difficult to see through, it is definitely time for swapping out the old for new. This can be done in a home garage if an individual knows how, and if not, one can make an appointment to have the vehicle serviced at a quick lube station. The visual appearance of the liquid is an easy way to tell that it’s time to make an overdue service appointment.

Engine Makes More Noise Than Usual

When one gets to the point that the levels of lubrication are actually lower than they should be in the engine, the parts may begin to rattle or make extra noise as the vehicle runs. If an individual hears the engine making more noise than it usually does when they drive it, it’s likely a sign that the vehicle is badly in need of servicing. These appointments are extremely important and neglecting them can cause the vehicle to completely stop running, so it’s crucial to not miss them or put them off. Doing so for too long can actually be quite dangerous.

Exhaust is Smoking

When a vehicle’s exhaust begins smoking, it can be quite alarming. However, it’s often simply a sign that the oil in the vehicle desperately needs to be changed and that one needs to make an appointment as soon as possible. Instead of panicking, a driver should call the service station that they usually use and make an appointment to have their vehicle fully serviced.

It’s fairly easy to get an oil change in Longmont, even if the vehicle is overdue. All a person needs to do is to call a service provider and schedule an appointment, although they may want to let the mechanics know that it’s been a while since the car was last serviced.

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