The Importance of Doing Regular Oil Changes for Your Car

One of the best measures to prolong the lifespan of your car and its engine is to perform regular oil changes. Keep in mind that the oil in your car is like the lifeblood of the vehicle. If it isn’t changed regularly, there can be debris in the oil that can block several parts of the engine and cause it to fail. The great thing is, a regular oil change is easy to do, especially with the assistance of a trusted car service facility in Longmont, Co.

The oil change can be done as part of regular maintenance. Therefore, you don’t need to take extra time off to do this because it can be done alongside other maintenance checks. Experienced mechanics will recommend getting your oil changed when you have driven about 3,000 miles or when three months have passed, whichever comes first. Still, with the use of high-performance oil, this can be prolonged and timing can be extended.

To further appreciate why you should do regular oil changes, here are the benefits of doing so.

1. It provides better engine performance

Clean oil guarantees that your engine is in top shape. When you change the oil regularly, it guarantees that there is no debris in the oil that goes around the engine. The debris can cause blockage in the engine, which can lead to it performing poorly. Worse, the engine can fail when oil is not changed immediately.

When your car’s engine is in top shape, it allows you to drive optimally with the best fuel economy. Hence, you don’t waste any fuel and get your money’s worth every time you top up.

2. Avoid debris build-up

Pristine oil is debris-free, which means there is no debris build-up inside the engine. Imagine the engine is like the heart: if there is debris or plaque in the arteries, it can be fatal. This is the same with the car; if the engine is blocked, the car will fail. It will be costly to repair it if there is even still a chance to revive it. It will be more expensive to buy a new one when this could have been avoided with a regular oil change.

3. Better fuel economy

As mentioned before, if the oil is clean, the engine performs at its best. Hence, you get the best fuel economy. You get a lot of drive with every gallon of fuel.

4. Reduced emissions

With clean oil, your car doesn’t produce any harmful emissions. In a way, you don’t contribute in polluting the air around simply by changing your oil regularly.

5. Prolongs the life of your car

It is expensive to buy a new car so as much as possible you want to extend the life of your existing vehicle. With just a simple regular oil change, you can do this and add more years to your car’s life.

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