Study Reveals Benefits of Synthetic Oil over Conventional Oil

A recent AAA study was published that revealed how much better synthetic oil is for a car’s overall health than conventional oil is.  This might surprise a lot of average car owners who have always gone with conventional oil because of its affordability and the fact that it has passed minimum standards.  The study backed up what car enthusiasts already know: that premium oil is better for long term engine health and will not cause as much dirt to damage the internal structure of the vehicle.

AAA Is An Impartial Agency

Opinions about the merits of synthetic vs conventional oil had, up until now, only existed in the realm of informed opinion.  There were those who said synthetic was way better but had no conclusive scientific research to back it up.  Until now, that is.  The organizers of the study, AAA, are a reputable automotive agency that offers insurance for emergency car pick up and repair anywhere in North America.  Their merits are not to be questioned because they are relatively impartial, which is to say that they have no incentive to sway the evidence one way or another.  It would be a different story if a giant oil company (that just happened to produce conventional oil) published research and claimed “conclusively” that conventional oil is fine for cars.

Structure Of The Study Was Quite Comprehensive

The insurance agency conducted a thorough analysis on the effects of each oil by picking five brands at random and testing their impacts.  They checked for the impact that temperature and other variables had on viscosity (thickness of the oil).  They assessed the relative volatility of the oil, which affects how much evaporates and the kind of deposit it leaves in the tank.

Synthetic Oil Performed Much Better

Synthetic oil performed much better in all areas than conventional oil.  It is able to remain viscous in a variety of different temperatures and is also less volatile (meaning it is cleaner).  This conclusive information should be taken seriously by car owners across America because it shows that investing in higher quality oil will save money on engine repair and general car care over the long-term.  There is no question that the buildup of deposits causes a lot of unnecessary damage to a vehicle that winds up costing more than would be saved if synthetic oil was used from the beginning.

Car owners in the Longmont area should consider switching to synthetic oil because it will save them money over the long term and free up extra savings to deal with emergencies like alignment issues or a busted AC system.  There are a number of different brands of synthetic oil on the market so all it takes is a little bit of digging to find the best deal.


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