Independant Garages Are More Popular Than Franchised Locations

A new study conducted by consumer reports found that car owners are overwhelmingly more satisfied with services at an independant garage as compared to a franchised new car dealership.  A lot of new car owners (especially of the luxury brands like Buick and Lincoln) have the option of buying parts and getting serviced at a dealership.  The research was pulled from a questionnaire given to 121,000 car owners: 80,000 from franchised locations and 40,000 from independant garages.  According to this study, the kinds of work being done at dealerships is not as satisfactory as independant garages.

Dealerships Are Just More Expensive

The study took into account general satisfaction, price, quality of the work, and friendliness of the staff.  Independant dealers scored better on all these fronts, which is a great sign for independant mechanics across the country.  Car owners understand and appreciate the time and attention to detail that independant mechanics are known for.  Above all, though, car owners like how affordable they are.  The study highlighted that the costliness of a dealership is the main reason why people don’t like them—scores on quality of work and ability to consistently meet deadlines were pretty high for mechanics at franchised locations.  It really comes down to a matter of cost and convenience.

Costs for car repair certainly add up, especially if the vehicle is over 10 years old.  Independant mechanics know this fact, and are usually quite willing to match the needs of their customers.  This kind of bargaining is not possible at a dealership.  Even better than a friendly discount is the fact that independant mechanics will try and cut costs every step of the way.  Forming a trustworthy bond with a car mechanic will save money and lots of heartache because if something needs to get done, they will do it.  They will not say it’s time for an oil change if it’s only been three months, for example, which cannot be said for mechanics at a dealership that are looking to maximize their profits.  Most independant car mechanics know that the satisfaction of recurring customers is the bread and butter of their business.

Negotiate Over Repair Work

An independant car mechanic will not be offended to negotiate a price.  It’s a part of the business transaction that shows the mechanic the customer knows what they are talking about and wants a fair deal.  It would be best for a customer only to begin negotiating once they have become comfortable with the required terms to be convincing.  In Longmont, independant car mechanics are known to give discounts on air conditioning service and oil changes.  Anything more serious than this will probably have to be paid in full.

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